Thursday, March 20, 2003

everyone read kristen o. is my goddess!

i ws just watched mr fleischer's address to the nation of the state of affairs with regards to "Operation what the fuck is going on" and i was a little amused with his math. Supposedly thirty-five countries are seemingly now members of the Coalition of the Willing, does this mean that every member of said country is also a member of the aforementioned coalition? I think not. Then what, may i ask, did mr fleischer mean by saying 1.8 billion people were members of the Coalition? Does this mean that the governent of these 35 nations is comprised of 1.8 billion people? Or did he dare to assume the opinions of entire countries based on the actions of their government? I think it is clear now more than ever that the actions of a government do not reflect the sentiments of the people, and i'm pretty sure mr fleischer knows this. Perhaps his math is off today. This seems to be a running theme in the news today, as the military analyst who immediately followed the Address to the Nation on CNBC said "the bombing campaign will consist of ten bombs a minute, or one bomb every ten seconds." who knew that a minute was now comprised of 100 seconds?

this thing is all so Orwellian, i can't help but be intrigued. I am living out my 1984 fantasy as we speak. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.....sound familiar?

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