Thursday, March 20, 2003

my third blog today: i am out of control! if only MSNBC wasn't giving me such great material to work with.

there's such a feeling of speculation in the air: no one knows exactly what's going on but everyone has a theory: be that theory plucked from the mouth of a pundit behind a microphone or brought about by wide-sweeping liberal sentimentality. these days it's hard to know what to believe. i have to admit, part of me (the raving political lunatic with an orwell complex and too much time on her hands) is a little in awe of all that is going on, having been too young to understand the "other" Gulf War. the other part of me, of course, wants to bury my head in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening and thus be absolved of all my radical opinions. this truth remains though: whatever happens you can rest assured that the public is the least informed. if no weapons of mass destructions are found (and by WMD i mean actual weapons that could pose a definite and immediate threat, and not just clouded rhetoric involving "chemical munitions"), then this would essentially nullify the Bush Administration's reason for this preemptive war, and thus severly increase anti-american sentiment worldwide. so i wonder: do you think we will ever really know if there are or are not such weapons in Iraq. when so much is at stake both domestically and globally? only one answer would justify all that W has been planning for so many years - and i really think that there is only one answer we will hear, regardless of such things found so gruesome by the Bush administration as "reality" and "the truth".

(i hope the thought police don't catch me!)

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