Wednesday, February 26, 2003

my new thing is to use the men's room at Porter's. The women's room is always dirty/filled with coke-heads/nasty and in comparison the men's room is quite nice. also, i find that men are much more gracious about letting a gal in need cut to the front of the line than women are, which saves time that could be well spent at the bar - which is where i spend most of my birthday evening. the bar at Chile's, the bar at the Milky Way and the bar at Porter's. it is little wonder that i just got out of bed about 20 minutes ago, seeing as how my deadbeat @ss has to work in a little bit. phoo-ey. i was up until 5AM watching the gorgeous Moulin Rouge 2-disc DVD that the lovely Miss Meaghan appropriated for me.

Kisses and thanks to jill, jenny and meaghan (my tuesday night troopers) for making my birthday night wonderful.

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