Monday, February 24, 2003

Jenny - you are such an efficient guest-book signer. i love it!

Alright, so inevitably i loved "Chicago" very very much. My favorites were of course, my heroine Catherine Z-J and John C Reilly (he is so cute and button-like!). My mom and I concur that Reilly's singing voice is much better than Gere's singing voice (if in fact it IS his voice, which I am not entirely sure of). My mom and I differed in opinion on the inimtable Miss Zeta Jones though, when my mom announced immediately following the film "Wow, that Catherine is fat, isn't she?". Mon Dieu! I nearly slapped my very own mother at such sacrilege. Catherine, as we all know, is beautiful and nowhere near fat, Meanwhile, Miss Renee's shoulders are too bony for me to appreciate anything else about her. That is all I have to say on the matter.

In local news - tomorrow is my birthday! yay! I will be spending my morning at the DMV, my afternoon in class and my evenings with my lovely friends at the Milky Way. I hope all who can, will attend, and if you cannot attend, then i didn't even want you there anyway, so there ;-)

Directions to the Milky Way, we will meet at 9, and all that jazz

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