Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saying Yes To The Dress

Over the past couple of months I have experienced a lot of raised eyebrows. I know with wedding planning in general people will always have opinions of what you should and shouldn't do. I am thankful for my family and friends who are helping me plan the wedding because without their opinions I would have no idea what to do! Then there are other opinions, specifically on me not having my dress yet, that were starting to stress me out. The conversations would go like this

"So do you have a dress yet"
"No, not yet, going to pick one out soon though"
"Wait when is the wedding? June? And you don't have a dress?"
(enter the raised eyebrow).


"So what does the dress look like?"
"Oh I don't have one yet"
(enter raised eyebrow)
"You do know that it will probably take six months from when you order the dress to when you get it, right?"

Jeez luiz! I know I am a deadbeat bride but I was beginning to feel like the fact that I didn't get my dress yet meant I would be wearing a burlap sack down the aisle.

Which is why I am pleased to tell you that as of last Saturday, I DO HAVE MY WEDDING DRESS!

On Saturday my MOH Andy picked me up and we headed to the shop, meeting my bridesmaid Jenn there. Now, I had some firm ideas of what I wanted in my mind. Simple. Elegant. Not strapless. Not too bridey.

The saleswoman who was helping us gave me really great advice right off the bat - don't rule anything out before you try it on. So I asjusted my expectations and decided I would do that. Any dress you bring me I will try on and not judge it until I am on the pedestal in front of the three way mirror.

Right off the bat I realized that I was dead wrong about not wanting strapless. I have seen wedding photos of brides (no one reading this blog, I assure you) who are curvy woman like myself and chose to wear a strapless gown and they ended up looking like the prow of a ship. Side-boob/ lots of cleavage at a wedding is just tragic to me. But what I didnt realize is that if you have a dress that fits you, strapless is actually very elegant and lovely!

And my "I want a simple" dress went out the window too because the simple dresses just did not suit me. I don't dress simply on a daily basis. I like a little sass. A little flair. So it makes sense that my wedding dress would have these qualities as well.

I probably tried on ten dresses and there were two that I loved, and was hemming and hawwing between. Then I tried on the last dress.


As soon as I put it on, before I even saw myself, I loved it. And when I looked in the mirror it was just confirmed. This was MY dress. And I never in a million years thought I would have that moment when you just know that this is your dress, I didnt realize I cared about the dress, until I had it on and realized this is the dress I am getting married in! It was such a cool feeling.

I couldnt have dont it without Andy and Jenn - and though I missed having my mom there I felt I was in good hands. I think the best part of the whole experience was at the end of all the fittings, this older woman who was there with her own daughter who was getting married, came up to me and said "I have seen every dress you tried on today and that last one was just perfect on you. Gorgeous". So even though my mom wasn't there, a mom approved of the dress. And when I sent my mom a photo of the dress minutes after purchasing it, she approved as well!

Even more proof it's my dress - it doesnt need to be altered AT ALL. It fits me perfectly the way it is and is the perfect length. So I actually have the dress at home now, in a garment bag, in a closet. And let me tell you it is taking all of my strength not to try it on and flounce around the house when Adam isn't home. I may take Andy up on his offer and have him keep the dress at his house to prevent the possiblity of having a pinot-fueled rehearsal by myself in the kitchen.

So now I welcome any and everyone to ask me "So did you get a dress yet" so I can answer emphatically "I SURE DID AND IT IS PERFECT!"


Andy said...

Best. Saturday. Ever. Thanks to you, jenn, and Adam! <3!

Caitlin said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this. Totally. I got married in early October, and did not buy my dress until July. I literally had nightmares about it (the shaming from the dress shop people did not help.).
(The most memorable nightmare I had was that when I got to the church (we didn't even get married in a church), all my bridesmaids were partying with the guests in the main part of the church and I was stuck in the back room alone, with some wrong, rando dress that was totally short and way too big and no one would heeelp meeee. Obvs that did not happen and all my ladies came through for me on the day. Also obvs that the overall experience scarred me sufficiently.) But yeah, I totally empathize!

Also, for what it's worth, I did not want a strapless dress either. But I ended up with one. I think it's hard (these days anyway) to find dresses WITH straps that don't make us curvier girls look like tanks. Or maybe that's just my broad shoulders.

Sarah said...

HAHAHA right on with the tank comment. I'm like, how can I look like a linebacker in all this lace?? :-P Also, I definitely had the nightmares too, mostly that its the day of the wedding and I forgot to buy a dress so I go to Macy's and end up with something hot pink. Ha!!

Melissa said...

Yay! That's such an exciting thing! I can't wait to see pics of it after your wedding!

Caitlin said...

Right?! I wanted something lacy & romantic for my barn wedding - I thought medium width lace straps would do the trick but, ah, NO. I had no idea lace could make a gal look so masculine. That lace, she is a tricky witch.

HA! Macy's! That is hilarious. Wedding nightmares are a beast all their own. Mine were straight up bizarre at times. I had another one where I was at the wedding, all was well, I was having a blast, downing a gin and tonics, and then I suddenly looked down and noticed my huge pregnant belly. I got so mad at all my friends and was yelling "Why didn't anyone TELL me I was pregnant?! How could you let me drink?!". IRL, I then told all my friends about the dream, and now they surprise me with gin and tonics when they feel like busting my balls. (But seriously, friends! Who lets a pregnant lady drink! At her wedding! In a dream!) (Apparently I had issues with fear of Friend-Abandonment at that time??)

Lori said...

So happy for you!! I had a similar experience and wound up buying a dress that I would have pooh-pooed at first glance. On it was perfect. I have my best friend to thank for forcing me to try everything on. I am a curvy tall girl myself and it was awesome to know that there really is the perfect dress out there for everyone. Now if I could only say the same for maternity clothes :).

Nina Diane said...

the beginning of your post was making me nervous! My daughter is getting ready in June and we ordered her dress last October and it just came in last week! So I was getting nervous for you in finding a dress. And yeah, you found one...and not only did you find one, you found the perfect one!! so great!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't have my dress. But our wedding is in September, so I think I am still good to go.
I tried some dresses on but I am still not sure about them so I want to go into another shop.
I just always forget to call and make an appointment. *sigh*
But so far I can say that I liked the dresses most I didn’t want to try on in the first place. :-)
So we will see, we will see. I think I should call now and see if they have an appointment for me tomorrow or on Saturday.

curele transmisie said...

So did you get a dress yet?  I am happy you got your perfect dress and you trying ten dresses is really a piece of cake. I remember seeing a show where a bride tried like a hundred dresses and didn’t like either. I thought she was either crazy or extremely picky. I can tell you I tried like 10 dresses when I was a bridesmaid, and when I found my perfect one I was really happy. So I guess I could only imagine what you experienced when you found your dress. I really hope you’ll post some pictures of your wedding in June or even a picture or two with the dress.

Jenny said...

YAY! Cannot wait to see pics! Very exciting. :)

I was the same way, btw - I was open to every dress, but had a style in mind.

So glad you had a great experience. :)

Honeydew Studio said...

You and I had nearly identical experiences wedding-dress shopping! I originally rejected the idea of wearing a strapless dress(fortunately my friend Em whispered to the woman helping us to bring some out anyway). And my gown also ended up being strapless AND the last one I tried on. No alterations needed! (o:

eileen said...

Yay! I'm glad you found a dress and I'm sure you'll look amazing in it. and come on now, Sarah..."simple"? We know you better than that.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! ! 'm sure it's been said, but the shoes might determine the hem...and make sure you break in the shoes! unless you are going barefoot...which would be lovely also :)