Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarah's Greatest Hits

The scene - my office around 7:45AM. Even though it's balmy outside, inside my office is frigid. My hands? cold and clammy. I sit down, set my coffee on my desk and fumble around for my space heater. I turn it on and wait for it to heat up and envelope me in toasty air.

A few moments later I am still cold. WTF this thing is taking forever to kick in.

A moment later one of my coworkers appears in my cubicle "Why is it so warm in here?", he asks. I whip around to say I wish it WOULD be warm in here. My hands are icicles, I tell him. He gives me a funny look and walks away.

It is about then that I realize that the heater is facing AWAY from me. Blowing all the warm air out of my cube.

Shockingly, turning it around so the warm air was actually blowing in my direction vastly improved conditions.


BrewEngland said...

What a dolt!

Anonymous said...