Monday, April 05, 2010

Let's See Etsy

I have been a big fan of Etsy for a while now. It's a great way to kill time and at the same time find some cute and affordable things from up and coming designers and artitsts! It is, however, one of those websites that I forget about for maybe a month and then become obsessed with for a few days. Then inevitably forget about it again until the next time I start ferociously perusing. I think this is for the best because it is entirely too easy to spend a lot of money there!

In any case with the advent of (much!) nicer weather I had an Etsy attack the other day and spent some time hunting down new pieces for the summer. Of course there was no lack of favorites but I narrowed it down to a few that I really love!

I love that shade of green, though it cries out for a tan (which as of yet I have not aacquired). The artist says she created it for Florida Gator fans BUT I think anyone could wear this angry but pretty little guy. I like the contrast of sparkly and mad. It reminds me of myself.

It totally reminds me of art deco details you would see on an elevator door. It's so elegant and charming. If I wore it I would constantly be looking at myself in a mirror. And smoking with a long, jewleled cigarette holder. And arm length gloves.

I think this is just precious. I love the color of the poppies (that shade of red/orange is one of my favorites though wearing it makes me look like one big freckle). I think the bright color keeps it from being too delicate.

Along a similar vein is the the Jolanda - Vntage Corsage Bracelet

So darling. This bracelet would totaly make up for my Homecoming date freshman year in high school not bringing me a corsage but instead a rose he picked from the yard and that I brought with me to the dance so people wouldn't think he hadn't brought me anything at all. It really would.

Clearly there is a love affair going on between me and a lucite flower. But look at that yellow rose! It's so cheerful and bright! Feminine but bold!
I love a statement ring and this color reminds me of being at the beach on a sunny day.

I would be remiss if I did not include a summery headband for the bang-growing-out population (ahem!).

This Lilac Blossom Headband is adorbs. I love that its the type of headband you could throw on top of a really bad hairday and still look pulled together and chic.

And along the same lines as the yellow rose ring posted above, we have this
Yellow Beaded Rose Headband.

I love this! Unexpected and whimsical. I love bold yellow accessories with a black dress, especially in the summer. The designer has a TON of fantastic pieces (lots of art deco!) in her shop - it's worth checking out for sure.
So that is just a small selection of what I have been checking out lately on Etsy. What about you? Found anything good lately? Do share!


Jenn said...

Wow, what great finds! I love Etsy too but also forget about it for long periods of time. These are fantastic!

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Love those shoes!