Monday, March 22, 2010

What a Card!

I have a few perennial new years resolutions - somewhere nestled in between "Drink more water" and "Gossip less" is "Be better about written correspondence". I am among the first to complain about the degeneration of hand-written notes and among the last to actually do anything about it. I want to be the kind of person who always sends a birthday card, a thank you note, a letter of congratulations....but I struggle with this endeavor.

I blame this on two things: 1) Iam too lazy to go out and buy a card and 2) I never have stamps.

Well today at least I have one less reason NOT to be sending out written correspondence on a more regular basis. Not because of Crane. Not because of Kate Spade.

But because of

It began last year - a coworker of mine always had the CUTEST cards. And she was so good about sending them out. Do something nice for her? Get an adorable card in your mailbox. Have a birthday? The perfect card would arrive just in time. I was flabbergasted at how on point she was so one day I had to ask her and it was then I learned of a magical thing called The All Occasion Greeting Card Box. She said it enabled to her to always have a card for any occasion at the ready. The only thing you needed in order to obtain one was a
Costco membership, which I did not have. And which she did not have either but a friend had purchased it for her. Not having a friend with a Costco card, I relegated this box to a dream I shall conquer one day, just not now.

Then on Friday a thoughtful coworker told me SHE finally had a Costco card and was going to pick up a card box for herself this weekend. Did I want one too?

Hell yeah I did!


As you can see, it's a brightly decorated file box that contains 30 really cute cards organized by occasion.


It also contains a Greeting Card Planner - a month by month guide to holidays, what anniversary means what and special occasions. My greeting card loving heart soared.

And these aren't cheap, gross cards. They're actually cute!





And this is just a random sampling. There are 30 cards in the box and each comes with a cute matching envelope. And the whole box is $14.99. What a steal! And the box is so great for organizing cards, you can totally throw your own cards in there too to keep them all in one place.

So my advice to you is either get a
Costco membership or complain so much about not having one that a friendly coworker offers to let you use theirs.

So now my only obstacle to becoming a card sending maven is the whole stamp thing. I am going to stock up at the Post Office today, though and just keep them in my card box though.

So congratulations to me on maybe finally succeeding in one of my resolutions!


(And don't forget to check out Brew England today for the announcement of the winner in our Cape Cod Beer contest!)


Anonymous said...

Whoa, That IS a steal!! And what adaorable cards! Go Sarah! I must get my hands on one of those.

Sarah said...

Jeanne I knew you'd be into this, too!!

ryssee said...

Brilliant! Be sure to buy the forever stamps so you don't have to go back again to buy the annoying little ones whenever the rates go up.

Jenny said...

What a great deal! And they ARE super cute!!

I second ryssee's suggestion about forever stamps!!

Sarah said...

You girls are right....but unfortunately forever stamps, while practical for sure, are not cute! So I went with these

Anonymous said...

You may also want to check, I believe most of the cards need extra postage.

Annie MacKenzie said...

I have this and it is amazing. Plus, when ever I am at CVS waiting for a prescription I wonder over to the card section and pick up extra cards so I am always stocked and ready.