Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meditation in Green

I though in honor of St. Patrick's Day it would be fun to post some "green" things I am digging lately.

Kohl's Apt 9. Striped Shift Dress

I love the print and boldness of this dress. The aquamarine/green swirled with the black is vibrant and reminds me of the ocean. A crazy ocean, but a fierce one nonetheless. I love this for spring with black high heeled sandals and a black bag.

Pricier than the Kohl's dress but look at that print!! If I could pull off this style of dress I would be all over this but alas I cannot. So if you can, please buy it so I can live vicariously through you!

Ann Taylor Loft Statement Necklace

Oh hello lover! I want to wear you with a black maxi dress while strolling a tropical beach. Maybe in Tahiti? Or Hull. Either or.

Old Navy Women's Abstract Floral-Print Scarf

I love the purple/green color combination. It's not a duo I would think would pair well off the top of my head but seeing it on this scarf is just so fun and vibrant! And you can really never have to many scarves. I may only own 3 pairs of pants but I own about 20 scarves! Pants be damned.

Tory Burch Slip on Sneakers

I just love these. I know they are basically tricked out Keds but to me they evoke the image of casual spring. I see them being warn with dark denim clam-diggers and a white men's button down shirt. You can't really tell in the photo but the logo is patent leather! And I love the navy, kelly green combination. I can't wait for mine to arrive!!

Crate and Barrel Loire Plates

Love these plates - they make me more impatient than ever for nice weather! I feel that an outdoor dinner party is definitely in order as soon as weather permits! A table set up in the garden. Some Japanese lanterns. Gypsy kings playing on the radio. A pitcher of margaritas being passed around. Sigh!

This shade is perfect for the spring. Of course I may save it for after my first spray tan of the season since right now I think it would draw attention to my ghost like pallor, but soon enough!
So, that is it for now. I have corned beef cooking at home in the crock pot and Adam is picking up the fixings for Black & Tans on his way home. Hope everyone has a lovely St. Patrick's Day!


Jenny said...

You're too cute. :)

Happy St. Patty's Day!

hope505 said...

You get spray-tanned...? What is that like..? I am curious! How about a tutorial for those of us who have never done the wonderful one you did when you got the MINX manicure..?!
* : D

Twoods said...

love the Essie nail polish! The color reminds me of Urban Candy pastel nail polishes I loved in middle school!

Kelly said...

I want those Tory sneakers so bad! Love love love them!

Sarah said...

I KNOW aren't they super cute? I ordered them a few days ago and every time the UPS guy comes I'm like "IS IT THEM IS IT THEM!"