Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faux Day

I love a fake snow day, don't you?

Yesterday I made the executive decision to work from home because of the supposed storm that was on the way. I sent the email first thing in the morning, and right away most of the people I emailed responded that they were working from home as well. Sweet.

So soon after Adam left for work I realized we had basically no food in the house. Some stale cereal. A few boxes of brown rice. Some frozen venison. Hmmm. So I threw on some shoes and a hoodie over my PJs (stylin'!) and headed to the supermarket. I really don't like to run errands when I am working from home....but it had to be done. I had already made out a list the other day so the store would be empty (it was 8AM on a Wednesday), I could plow through my list and get home and down to business in no time.

So as I am methodically making my way through the produce aisles I hear someone call my name and I turn to see one of my coworkers who was also working from home! Of course!! But whereas she was literally running in for a few things, as evidenced by her lack of basket or carriage, I had a carriage, a list and was clearly Food Shopping, not just running in for some bananas. But whatevs, I was not about to subsist on venison stir fry for the next few days.

Oh yeah remember my "lookatme I can do my weekly shopping for only $50". That has clearly gone out the window. I like to keep kind of a running tally of what I am buying as I am shopping and then see if I am close to what I thought it would be when checking out. I was off by about $100 yesterday. Mostly because fruit and vegetables this time of year? Are apparently worth their weight in gold! Such is life though. A life without English cucumbers and sweet red bell peppers and Bosc pears is not a life for me.

In any case once I got home I was able to get scads of work done, totally catch up on my projects, all while wearing sweatpants and sitting on the couch which if you ask me is an ideal work environment. Adam's work closed at 11AM so he got to enjoy the faux day too! It basically never snowed in Quincy, just a little dusting. Enough to make things look wintry and ethereal without the whole having to shovel/wear boots thing. Sweet.

I took tomorrow off to give myself a nice little 4 day weekend which I am psyched about. Plans include: lunch and Talbots Outlet with my mom, Eileen's going away party, and cooking this sumptuous multi-course meal on Sunday night! Personally, I don't give a crap about Valentine's Day in general (I usually go out with my girlfriends in protest of it!) but when I saw this menu I got totally inspired . However lest you think I am getting sappy in my old age you should know we'll probably enjoy this romantic meal while watching Saw VI.

On the recipe tip - I made Epicurious's Butternut Squash and Fried Sage Pasta last night and it was to die for. I had never fried sage before and I love how crispy and delicious it gets. It's a super simple and healthy recipe - perfect for a cold weeknight.

I leave you with this thought: Alexander McQueen's passing really makes me want one of his skull scarves all the more. Is that wrong?


e$ said...

yeah, that snowstorm was a total bust. but hey, if it means a free sweatpants day, WHO TF CARES? :)

Sarah said...

It's true any event that allows for sweatpants day is ok with me!

Jenny said...

YUM! Sounds delicious!

I am so behind on reading your blog, since my new job is so busy!!