Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gamblin' Fool

I've never been much of a gambler/lottery player. Sure I will grab a scratch ticket now and then. I've been to Foxwoods twice. But I never really win anything which is probably why I never got super into it.

And then there is Keno. Why do I love Keno? I hardly ever win and if I do win I basically just win my money back. BUt there is something about sitting at a dive bar, sipping a vodka tonic and playing Keno that is just fun, plain and simple. It's worth the $5 or $10 I might spend on it at a time.

Then on Friday - my luck changed!

We popped into a local favorite, Grumpy White's, for some late night cocktails and keno. I decided, with my birthday looming on the horizon, I would play my birthday numbers. Well wouldn't you know it, I won $20! Which isn't a lot but is much more than I ever win playing Keno. Score!

So, feeling lucky, I turned aroiund and put that $20 in a scratch ticket machine and selected a $20 scratch ticket. I would never spend that much on a scratch ticket normally but hey, it was free money in my mind.

Then I won $40 on that scratch ticket. Score!!

The next day, we were driving to Woburn the Longest Way Possible and since I have a bladder the size of a pea, we randomly stopped at the Lexington Rest Stop (Adam wanted a McDonald's coffee as well). While inside, I figured I would cash in my ticket and buy one more scratch ticket. So I got my $40, pocketed $20 of it and spent the remainder on one more $20 scratch ticket? Why not? I was on a roll.

Then on that scratch ticket I won $100. WOOT!

Later that day, we were at Stop and Shop (picking up sugar cubes as needed for my Make Your Own Absinthe Kit) and I figured I would cash in my ticket and buy ONE LAST $20 scratch ticket, then I was out of the game.

And wouldn't you know it? I won $100 on that scratch ticket too. Now it was just getting ridiculous.

I decided to quit while I am ahead and haven't played another scratch ticket since then. But you know, all of this happened becuase I played my birthday numbers at Keno! I think this means 30 is going to be a lucky year for me!


Melissa said...

That's awesome!

Jen said...

Lucky you! How about getting me a couple of lucky tickets?

ryssee said...

Gotta love a good return on your investment. :)