Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not Five Things

Inspired by Jenny. And by inspired I mean totally ripped off from her. Thanks woman!

1) Samurai Chai Mate from Teavana: All of the caffeine of coffee plus "strong spices, invigorating herbs and revitalizing citrus". Delicious!!

2) Snakeskin Accessories. This obsession/mission began a few months ago at, where else, the Talbouts Outlet. I found the most amazing snakeskin bag. Roomy. Slouchy. Snakeskin. Braided Straps. Perfection! However at over $100 it was a bit out of my price range so I decided to wait for a price break, since there were so many of them I figured what the hey? Next thing I know they go down to $36 but are sold out! WAH!! This bag haunts my dream and I am on the hunt for it's twin. I just really love the edginess of snakeskin in a really nice leather. Sigh.

3) Finding the perfect "Fall" nail color. Right now it's Siberian Nights from OPI but I am getting bored with it. Have you tried the new matte color line? That might be next on the list althuogh my nails are so short I am accustomed to the pizazz of shiny nail polish.

4) Solutions AM/PM Face Cream. Its about time I got myself into a day AND night facial care regime and this fits the bill. I need a lot more moistureizer as the seasons change and the AM cream is nice and light but still makes my skin feel great. The night is a bit heavier but not greasy. Just enough so you feel like it's going to do good things for you while you sleep. And it does. Not to mention you really can't beat the price.

5) The fact that I have had this brower open ALL DAY and could not come up with a fifth thing. I am apparently only into four (4) things currently. That's all I can handle! Just four. A fifth thing would throw me totally off balance.


Anonymous said...

it is NOT nice to show me sold out boots.

i will find a target while in the burbs this weekend and i WILL buy them!

(fingers crossed.)

Jenny said...

Four thumbs up.

TheatreChick73 said...

Avon has a great nail colour called Tweed. I just got it and its my addiction for the fall now. The colour sample on the website isn't great (looks more purple than it is) so if you can find a catalog that would be better.