Monday, October 26, 2009

The Day of 1,000 Drinks

Saturday started off innocently enough. I woke up at 8AM with the kind of energy reserved shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. Not for any particular reason though. And it's unfortunate that I wake up during the week feeling like the walking dead but on the weekend when I can sleep in, I can't. Ho Hum.

So to expend this energy I did what anyone would do: I went food shopping. It was long overdue and I have to say that the supermarket pre-9AM on a Saturday is just as good as my old favorite time, pre-9AM on a Thursday. Seriously. Tons of carts. No lines. No screaming kids. Just me, and everyone else who felt compelled to leave the house in their PJS taking our time and doing our shopping. So nice. I didn't even mind that when I got home it turns out my pants were on inside out.

After relaxing a bit at home Adam and I decided to head out for lunch. Some of my coworkers have been raving about Abby Park, the newish restaurant in East Milton Square, so we decided to check that out. Designed by the same architect who did Davio downtown, the space is gorgeous! Nice large bar area, modern and inviting decor, super friendly bar staff (that = key) and a varied menu. Since it was only lunch we decided to get salads (Caprese for me, Cobb for him) and alcohol (nice crisp Albarino for me, Sam Adams for him). While we decided we will definitely go back for dinner sometime soon (they had me at this dandy addition to the menu), the salads were substantial and delicious and our drinks were great! Just the hearty fare we needed for our sojourn up the street to Lower Mills to check out the Dorchester Open Studios.

We bounced to The Baker Lofts where we checked out some vibrant abstracts and adorable ceramics

Then it was off to The Boston Home, where the art of some of the residents was showcased and we were blown away by the talent. I fell in love with a little water color of the harbor/gas tank but it was "Not For Sale". Sad!!! Still, it was lovely to see all the fantastic paintings and the Boston Home's art program is on my list of Awesome Things.
And then we went off to the First Parish church and visited my friend Paul who was showcasing his brilliant photography. There were loads of other artists in the space including jewlers, multimedia, glass blowers and (my fave) stained glass! The stained glass artist Raine Newman doesn't have a website but he does make beautiful stained glass pieces and I picked up a few brooches from him. Makes me feel like a church when I wear them!

So all in all the Dorchester Open Studios was a success! I wish more of the studios had been open at the Baker Lofts but such is life, maybe next year. In any case after all of that art-viewing we were in dire need of a drink. So where to? The Ashmont Grill of course.

Our favorite bartender whom we love TARA was working, thank god, and she set us straight with a pumpkin martini (me) and a large beer (him). We split the bluefish pate (I love this. So far only Andy loves it as well so if you go PLEASE try it if they have it and tell me you love it too.) and what the hell I had another cocktail, the cranberry ginger which was also divine. I am 90% sure we will be attending their Halloween party this Saturday. Who doesn't love a costume party and a haunted patio?

And who doesn't love having a week to throw together a costume? I will pull it out though, don't you worry.

After a brief stop at Esprit du Vin, we arrived at a party for our dear friend and Andy's mom. His family is so much fun and so great to hang out with, we always have a blast with them. Not to mention his mother is one of our favorite people ever, so of course we wanted to celebrate her day with her. We noshed on a delicious buffet and then over champagne and cake we toasted to her and then later had a Fleetwood Mac singalong in the kitchen. All in a night's work.

We sojourned back to Andy's after the party for a nightcap and then it was back to Quincy for bed. It was a busy day but a great day nonetheless.

Maybe see you tomorrow at Trick or Tweet?

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Jenny said...

You fit in so much in one day and it's always such fabulous, fun events!! Sounds like an awesome day. :)