Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm Super, Thanks for Asking

So what's new with me?

Last time we talked I was gushing over my new solution to having a doorless doorway. It is still looking good ane keeping things cool and I have even switched out the runners just for kicks. Non stop madness up in here!

Moving on.

Two weeks ago I was involved in an accident during rush hour on the Southeastern Expressway. I was rear ended by a man in a SUV who was too busy talking on his cell phone to bother to stop and the impact forced my car under the SUV in front of me. Charming! Luckily nobody was hurt but dealing wth the aftermath has been an endless freaking headache. For instance, did you know that in Massachusetts all a guilty party has to do is not talk to their insurance company in order to avoid being found at fault in a timely fashion? It's true. The guy who hit me has been "unreachable" by his insurance company and my own so as a result I had to pay my deductible AND for my rental that I needed for two weeks while my car was being worked on. So already I am out $800 for an accident that wasn't even my fault. Not to mention I went to the doctor right after the accident since I hit my head pretty hard on my seat and just wanted to get checked out and now my health insurance has kicked back that bill to me so I have even more paperwork to fill out. It has gotten to the point that I hate answering my phone when it's a number I don't recognize because it involves me dragging out my "accident binder" (that I had to create to track all this everloving paperwork) and go through everything that has happened, claim numbers, member IDs etc that I have already given out 100 times all because some asshole in his company car was too busy chatting on his phone to see the line of stopped cars in front of him. And when I call my insurance company they basically have no update and are like " If you want info call HIS insurance company, dont call us". Why the christ do I pay you every month? So you can just cut me a check and then ignore me? Does my monthly payment not cover any kind of customer service? It is MADDENING.

Whew, I feel much better having vented about that. Like my mom said. The important thing is no one was hurt, everything else is just money. And truth be told there is a silver lining. I just got my car back from the shop and after getting new bumpers, a new hood and a new grill she looks like a brand new car! SO everything in perspective I suppose.

In other news. about half of the tenants in our building have moved out and as a result our place is so QUIET. It is amazing how used to other people's noise you get so that it becomes just part of the background. It's almost creepily quiet. But I do like being able to turn the TV up somewhat loud late to accomodate my deaf ass without having to worry about the people downstairs. We renewed our lease until the beginning of April. Right now we are kind of in a holding pattern as to what our next step is. We have a few options we're mulling over:

1) My parents have applied for Peace Corps and if they get in, we will certainly want to move into their place and keep an eye on it in their absence as well as save some money. We won't know if that scenario is a go though for a few more months. And to be honest they are having a tough time with their application processbecasue their Peace Corps rep is the least helpful guy ever. I have read the emails he has sent to them and I am amazed people who want to sign up for a great program such as this and donate two years of their lives are treated in such a way just because they don't necessarily have a ton of volunteer experience. Ridiculous.

2) We also toy with moving into the city for a year just for kicks before we are forced to settle down. I've always secretly wanted to live in the Porter Square area. And while I thought I got my city living fix when I was 18 and had an apartment in Egleston Square with a bunch of other City-Yearers, I still find myself wondering.

3)Or we may just buy a place come next spring. Who knows? We keep vacillating on what we want. This is the time in our lives to do what we want while we can so we're taking advantage of it.

Lastly, I leave you with this. I attended quite a few parties over the weekend and all of them were held mostly outdoors. As a result I obtained quite a few bug bites since bugs love me and my skin is apparently resistent to all bug sprays. What seemed at first like just a few bug bites on Sunday manifested itself as a treacherous amount on Monday. Literally my feet and legs are COVERED in what I assumed were little mosquioto bites. This is what comes of drinking in the woods I suppose. Then I saw my mom on Monday night who informed me "Oh those aren't mosquito bites, those are flea bites".

Could I be more charming?

And if you know me at all, you know I couldn't keep something like this to myself. I'm covered in flea bites! Apparently people are sick of hearing about it though because I came in today and found this on my keyboard. FINE. I''ll shut up about it.

If you are strong of stomach you can see what I am talking about here. Why have a blog if you can't post disgusting pictures of your feet?

So I suppose Adam is no longer lying when he calls me (lovingly of course) a flea bitten old bag.


Kathy said...

Insurance companies only respond to squeaky wheels....they are betting on you to just let it go and then they dont have to give up the cash...Keep at it!

eileen said...

Car accidents are the worst! Next time we have cocktails, I'll tell you a tale about the time I was sued for $72,000 as the result of one.

Oh, and re: Peace Corps- that's great that your parents want to do it! Good for them! You know I did Peace Corps, right? Just wanted to give the heads up that the application process is s-l-o-w. (as I'm sure your parents have already realized). I applied in October and was interviewed, accepted, and waiting to be placed, and I didn't hear a peep from them until the following July.

Sarah said...

YES I love bitchin' over cocktails with you.

Also, my parents applied in January and are still having issues with their application being complete because of their lack of volunteer experience. its rough!

J said...

1. I am really sorry about your accident. Yes, it's just money but it still totally sucks!

2. Living in Porter is great! I am moving at the end of the month and am so sad about it. It is such a good location!

pigbook1 said...

I am surprised by the insurance company acting like that. My insurance company was really helpful, though my car was hit in a "hit and run" (my car was hit in a parking lot) so that might be part of it.
Keep us updated and I hope all goes well

Erin said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, but I'm glad you are OK.

I read an article about volunteer organziations (such as the Peace Corps) being innudated with applications because of the economy. A lot of college students can't find jobs and are trying to do volunteer work instead. I hope they find a spot for your parents.

And your feet look itchy!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Erin!

I know, I have heard that too. I just think my parents have so much life experience (not to mention my mom is a nurse and speaks 4 languages) that they should be able to find a spot for them!

Jenny said...

MOVE INTO THE CITY FOR A YEAR!!! Honestly, while I lived in Dorchester ("technically" Boston ... but basically Milton and/or Quincy) I always knew I wanted to get back in the city and NOT live in a dorm!

I've been in my insane place for 2 months now and am SO happy with my decision to a) move into a big girl apartment Sept 1, I CANT WAIT b) be there for at least a year.

I literally can walk every where I need to (including bars WOO!) and it has made me so much happier. I don't know what I'm doing when my lease is up, but I know I'm HOOKED already.

You guys should do it for a year (if the whole parents thing doesn't go through in the time when you have to decide) -- you'll have so much fun, get to experience it (in a big girl apt, not city year - though that was a fun place!), and it might even help you figure out what you want/need when you buy.

And obviously you'll be closer to me. I = selfish.


Fancher said...

AHH! I have bites COVERING one of my legs and I figured they were mosquito bites. Last count was 18 on one leg and now that I've looked it up they are a lot more like flea bites. Must have been the incident in the dining room that got us. Gross!

Sarah said...

YES I am so glad I am not alone!! The top of my right foot is COVERED, and there are a few on my legs and on my other foot. I'm so over it. gross gross gross.

Sarah said...

PS I feel like if it i was the dining room incident our arms would be covered too. I think this was when we were sitting out side (where "the mosquitos have machetes), getting assaulted by bugs, yet it didnt occur to either of us to go inside, lol!!

Jenn said...

Wow, those bites look perfectly horrible. Yikes.

Second, I also advise moving into the city for a year. It's definitely a major change from not living in the city, as Jenny describes. I lived for years in Somerville, then Brighton (technically Boston but almost in Watertown, not on the train), and Charlestown (also technically Boston but so doesn't count) before moving downtown and it's so completely different when you can walk everywhere. You don't even have to use the stupid T! It's fantastic!

Jen said...

Have you called a lawyer? That just does not seem right that he can get away with hitting you!

WanderingGirl said...

So, if you sue someone in small claims court to get the cost of all those things you've had to pay for back, and he doesn't show up... you win! Either way, you're going to get that cash back. Sue his ass. Oh, yeah, and I'm glad you're okay, too.

Jenny said...

So sorry about the accident & the fleas (that is crazy!). I am so behind on reading your blog, as I'm no longer working, so I hope by now it's all better! And I hope you get your $$ back from your insurance company.

And I have to say how I impressed I am with your parents wanting to join the Peace Corps. Go them!

AnnaB said...

Try to get Judge Judy! Make sure you bring all your paperwork and have the dates written in stone. Plus, don't use "Um". She doesn't like that.

Holly said...

That stinks. My husband was rear-ended several years ago and Michigan is a no-fault state which basically means your insurance company takes care of your car, and the other person uses their company. Which basically means you have to have kick-ass insurance or you could get screwed. But, our insurance company got him to pay our deductible.
As for the Peace Corps - go your parents! I went in 2000, and because I had a masters degree when I applied they scooted me through the application process in about 3 months. So, I'm amazed your parents are taking such a long time. (Although, that was a different economic time with it sounds like fewer applicants.) The volunteer thing seems like a b.s. reason, especially given your parents' backgrounds. If I were their recruiter, I would be jumping all over them. Based on my experience, I think an older, married couple would have a higher likelihood of coping with the stress because of the maturity level and the support system of having a spouse with you during that kind of an experience. Do you know where they are hoping to go?