Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snapshots from the Past

Well I finally got the scanner working! I've been wanting to scan in some old photos I have and this one is probably my favorite. It's my grandmother (the one leaning on the table in the dark dress) and her girlfriends. I love everything about this photo: the clothes, the casual poses, the room, and especially that it reminds me of my grandmother, Nonni, who has been gone for seven years now.

Now if you will excuse me I want to invite some girlfriends over to put darling dresses on and have candid snaps taken of us.


Ashley said...

The woman on the far right looks like a very young Madonna!!!

Jacquie said...

These women look casually elegant and chic. I'm a big fan of vintage dresses because most are so well made and really felt good to wear. Not that I'm that old! I used to borrow my mom's and loved how they looked. No need for major undergarments, too. These things were designed to hug everything!

Jenny said...

Love this!