Monday, June 22, 2009

Holla Monday

Oh Monday, you devil. How is it that you're here again already?

I trust that everyone had a splendid weekend? I had a busy but quite fun one which I was due for since last weekend I missed out on all kinds of fun because of an early summer cold.

Speaking of which, have any of you ever used zinc tablets to thwart a cold? I tried it for the first time last Saturday. I woke up that morning with what felt like porcupines in my throat. And with me, a sore throat is the harbinger of assorted disgusting ills including but not limited to, a disgusting and lingering cold, the flu, bronchitis, death, etc. So I was not f*cking around. I took 1 zinc tablet every 3-4 hours or so for the day and on Sunday when I awoke I still had the sore throat....but it was not as bad. Then on Monday the sore throat was totally gne BUT in it's place I had the worst sinus pain on record. It felt like all my upper teeth were about to fall out and that someone had crammed a couple of Tempurpedic pillows underneath my cheek bones. Mon dieu. I don't know if this was the zinc's doing but I have never had that bad sinus pain in my life and I get colds like woah. Yikes bikes.

Now that that little meander down Hypochondria Lane is over, let's get to THIS weekend.

On Friday I hosted our monthly book club meeting. I was somewhat frazzled, having expected to get out of work at 4 that day but not actually getting out until after 5 and my guests were due to arrive by 6:30. I pulled it together though, with some help from Andy, and served an array of tea sandwiches (turkey + mango chutney, cheddar + apple, and good old fashioned cucumber. Crusts removed and cut into fourths, of course). I also served a delicious iced tea cocktail which we sipped out of tea cups like real ladies. The tea party theme went hand in hand with our book selection, Lady Chatterly's Lover. What can I say about this book? It is obscene and basically a graphic porn. I.E. We all loved it. The word "Crisis" will never be the same to me. After we dined and discussed, we absconded to the Fox and Hound for the night for searingly inappropriate discussions over martinis. And eventually Andy and I hooked up with Adam and headed over to The Chantey for some karaoke. Where i met a delightful woman in her 70s who has the breasts of a 20 year old. And I had no problem telling her so. And she had no problem telling me they cost a fortune. Ah Quincy, I love theee.

The following day, after an appropriate amount of lazing about (i.e. when the sun began to set) Adam and I decided to head into town and and check out the American Craft Beer Festival at the World Trade Center. The night was off to kind of a rocky start: when you walked into the lobby you were ushered to the ticket counter and then ushered up an escalator to get your wrist band. The "up" escalator was right next to the "down" escalator and it looked like people were just going up, getting wristbands, and heading back down. Easy peasy, right?


Once upstairs we were walked to the end of probably the longest line I have ever waited in. It took us over five minutes to even get to the end and once we reached it, it was apparent the line was not moving. I asked a security guard how long the wait was. And by asked him I meant I complained that they should have said there was a 2 hour wait to get in when we bought our tickets. He informed me it was probably only an hour wait which still, if your event is only 3 hours long, is kind of bogus. But we ended up getting in within 40 minutes. Not SO bad but then there were so many people inside that you had to wait in long lines to get your 2 ounces of beer to sample. They totally oversold the event. I mean, we had a great time and managed to drink a good amount of fantastic beer but if they had maybe cut their ticket sales by 2-300 people I thank the people who attended would have had a better experience. This advice is coming straight from a conference I held in the ladies room with strangers so you know it's the real deal.

After 8PM or so the crowds had thinned out a little and we got to hit up some good tables. I was especially in pressed with Sherwood Brewers Archer Ale and Blueberry. They are located in Marlboro, MA and I highly recommend picking up a 6 pack if you come across it. Good beer, friendly guys, AND it's always nice to support a local business. Especially if that business involves booze.

After the Fest we were starving so we headed to Tavolo for pizza where some really nice ladies paid for my drinks because quote unquote, they liked my style. Clearly even though I have been overaccesorizing like it's the '80s, some people are into it. What what!

Sunday brought with it Father's Day and sent Adam to NH to celebrate with his dad and me to my parents' house to celebrate with mine. And by celebrate I mean eat my weight in cheese.

hello lover.

If you have never tasted the divinity that is cranberry pepper jelly and boucheron spread on a baguette slice, I beseech you to do so right away. Go to Whole FOods. They will hook you up.

I was home in time to catch True Blood, followed by Army Wives which is precisely how I like to end my weekend.


hope505 said...

about the ZINC...maybe next time try's basically doses of zinc in different forms, and yeah, it totally works! Last time I had a cold, I used the oral spray - you just have to start taking it at the very first sign that you might possibly have a cold (which, it sounds like you were on the right track there) and then do it for however many days the box says. But I'll swear by it! Glad you're feeling better!

Sarah said...

I'm a little scared of Zicam - my mom told me about the recall last night after I told her my zinc story

Princess of the Universe said...

This post made me want to eat (in a good way)
And that sounds like an awesome book club!

Jenny said...

I bought Zicam a few months ago and it worked, but now I can't use it. :(

I am so hooked on "True Blood." I was so against watching it and my sister-in-law sucked me in! (No pun intended!)

AnnaB said...

Those zinc tablets had a really bad side effect on me. At first, they seemed great, and finally I wound up having surgery on my tongue and an oral cancer scare. For sinus stuff, I still swear by neti pots.

Am I wrong thinking Erik is way sexier than Bill?

hope505 said...

~ whoa! ~ I had not heard about that recall...then again I have not ever used the up-your-nose form of ZICAM *heh*

and this makes me laugh: the word-verification thingie for this comment is "fackeing"...*hahaha!* like fake f%*king! funny.

Sarah said...

Neti pots kind of scare me too. I am a wuss when it comes to cold meds evidently!

As for Erik > Bill? I have heard that before. I can't back it but you're not alone.

Bean said...

I recently had the pleasure of going to The Fox and, hello, yum!! Very cool!

Sarah said...

yay! I live down the street and am there all the time. It's a great spot!

Jenny said...

I totally prefer Erik! My sister-in-law thinks I am crazy though.