Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank you, Anonymous,Hulking Dog Squished Into the Backseat of a Saab

The first day back at work after a long weekend is always kind of rough.

I woke up with in remarkably good spirits, clinging to memories of our fantastic, glorious, sunny weekend in NH, and was determined not to let the black cloud of Oh Hai Back At Work Today color my attitude.

If only the other drivers on the road got my memo.

Between jerks who forgot they have a blinker, ass hats merging basically into my passenger side. being honked at, cursed at and stalked by some guy who apparently doesn't know what yield means, and truck drivers clearly sharing my Faux -Monday struggle and nearly taking me out in the process, by the time I got to Newton I was in a decidedly bitchy mood.

I was stuck at the light to turn onto the street on which I work. Stuck, might I add, because the person in front of me stopped for an unknown reason while the light was still green and just sat there on their phone while the light turned yellow and then red, unaware or uncaring of the blaring horns behind her. And I felt myself turning sour.

So here I am, pissed right off, when this tiny Saab coupe pulls up next to me. I cast a withering glance it's way and immediately noticed this enormous furry, happy head hanging out of the window. Then I noticed all the fur squished against the back window. This gigantic, super furry, and super smiley Husky was just crammed in the back seat of this tiny Saab. I could not see anything but fur and he must have been incredibly cramped and yet there he was, hanging his head out the window, looking right at me, tongue out looking as pleased as can be. Waving that huge head sporting that ecstatic dog expression shared by dogs with their heads hanging out of car windows everywhere.

I couldn't help laughing. He was ridiculous and endearing all at once. And just looking at him made my crappy commute tumble down the list of things I care about at the moment and when I got to work I was back in a great mood, ready to start my day.

I think it's funny how the most fleeting of moments (and furriest of dogs?) can just turn your day around. It's occurrences like that, that make me try always to, even when in a crappy mood, look for opportunities to snap out of it and not wallow. Had I not seen that huge squished dog I would have arrived at work in a bad mood. Not have said hi to the receptionist. And then not been informed their were Panera bagels out back.

And that would have been the biggest tragedy of all!


Rebecca Jill said...

That's just such a good story.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for asshat! Love that word.

Nina Diane said...

I've always said that dogs make the world a much better place to live in.......yeah!!

Jenny said...

Ha ha. I like that not being told about Panera bagels would have been the biggest tragedy.

Glad the smiley pooch cheered you up!! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved that story too, I am a vet and am very lucky to be around these guys everyday, so even if I am in a bad mood, I get to work and its all ok! One thing I didnt like: your comment about how you would not have said hello to the receptionist if you were in a bad mood. That is my BIGGEST pet peeve, not saying hello to people when you walk into a room no matter how bad a mood you are in it is so disrespectful, and will lead to bad karma! Just b/c you are in a bad mood dont take it out on others and turn their happy mood sour!!!


Sarah said...

I was being facetious, I would never not say hi to our front desker she is the bomb!