Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok so it isn't really Friday. But it is MY Friday. As in I have the next five (5) days off from work. FIVE.

Bring it the F on.

This is the first vacation day I have used this year. I have been nervous to take time off, given the billion layoffs at my work, and my hours being cut. I thought, what if I take some time off and they realize someone else can do my job? Kind of stupid but never put it past me to be kind of stupid. Anyway I figured, what the H? I've been so stressed at work that my left eye has developed a less than attractive twitch so I welcome the chance to kick off my shoes and relax my feet, party on down to the Xscape beat

This little break brings with it some big plans. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the beach since it's going to be 90 and the past two times I have tried to go spray tanning it has been so humid out that it would have melted right off. I mean I use my SPF like a good partially Irish girl but sitting in the sun for a few hours just makes me feel fantastic. And I still have to finish my book for book club so there you have it.

Friday I'm going to a secret Lebanese bakery with my mom. It's a secret because I dont know where it is and can't be bothered to google it's location. But I would give my eyes for a good spinach pie, some za'taar and some apricot paste so it's f'n on. Then at night is book club and this time we are zip tripping it to Amanda's locale for some delicious dinner at Portobello and some nice somewhat alcohol fueled literary discussion.

Then the remainder of the weekend you can find me in the Granite State. We have tickets to a Fisher Cats game on Saturday, tickets to a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Zimmerman House on Sunday, a trip to the North Conway Outlets and in there, some other plans that we both hope kick start our much neglected Brew England. The day after I launched that blog, I had my hours cut at work and thus had to begin squeezing 5 days of work into 4 days which is my pathetic excuse for the lack of attention to the beer end of things. But never fear! We have brewery tours planned for the coming weekend and WILL BE BACK. And Ang if you are reading this, please email me your address so I can send off your fabulous tall Redhook Glass.

So that's that. In a few minutes we are off for some celebratory Sushi and maybe some ill advised Karaoke. Enjoy the long weekend!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

One of the many reasons I love you is because you post Xscape you tube videos on your blog. Enjoy the LONG weekend, sister. I on the other hand will be enjoying a LONG weekend of my kid home from school because her damn school is closed due to swine flu.

But you HAVE FUN! You've earned it.

Anonymous said...

Oh indeed, there is a fresh new bottle of gin just waiting for the arrival of the book club.

Sounds like some fun time off! I'm jealous of your beach time, although I shouldn't complain since I'll be headed to Atlanta first thing Saturday morning (not that there's a beach there--just that I'm getting a vacation too).

Jenn said...

Frank Lloyd Wright houses were part of EVERY vacation I've ever taken!!! My dad is obsessed if you remember so I have been to more than my fair share. They are gorgeous and interesting, but I can only handle so many! Have fun!!