Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday in Bullet Points

* Why do I ruin every meat theremometer I get? I have gone through 3 in the past year and they either just plain don’t work (i.e. say a steak is 130 and when I serve it, its bloody and cold) or they crap out after a month or two. Oh and word to the wise, human thermometers are not a good stand in for meat thermometers. Not that I tried that….. In any case I need to step it up and invest in a quality one so I’m not running off to the kitchen supply store (i.e. TJ Maxx) every few months for a new one.

* I heard that song “Touch Me’ by The Doors on my way to work and as usual it made me laugh. It always reminds me of this interview with Dennis Quaid I read in Details magazine (I think..) YEARS ago in which he said he sometimes sings into the mirror “Come on come on come on touch me babe. Can’t you see, that I am Dennis Quaid?” So of course that is all I think of when I hear it now. I miss Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan as a couple.

* This weekend has the potential to be either really packed or really low key. I haven't had a low key weeeknd in a long time so I am leaning in that direction. I was about to write that I will probably head to the beach at some point to lay out and read but apparently its going to be wet and cold this weekend. Curses! The gorgeousness of this past Tuesday has confused me as to what season it is.

* Tomorrow Adam and a few of his hockey buddies are being filmed for a Coors Light commercial. I believe they won't be on the air until later this summer but I will certainly give the heads up when that time comes.

* Food shopping before 11AM on a weekday is my idea of heaven. I had been going in the afternoon which is also good but a coworker informed me going in the morning is even better since there are even LESS people and she was right. I was in and out of Hannaford in 1/2 an hour AND since I didn't feel rushed I took my time, bargain shopped, and got a ton of groceries, more than enough for two people for at least a week, for $65!! Sacre bleu!

* My allergies are out of control and only in my eyes, and the allergy meds I took have made me super jittery! So basically what we have here is All the looks of having a coke habit but none of the benefits. Hmph.


Jeannie said...

LOL! You just made me fall in love with Dennis Quaid! That's the best thing I've ever heard.

Sarah said...

Jeanne I know I felt the exact way when I read the article!!

Alisa said...

I took your advice from before and got two whole chickens on sale for 39 cents a pound. I tossed them in the freezer for menu planning later.

stephanie said...

i <3 my meat thermometer(s). they are from Taylor. one is an instant read digital, which is great for when you take your chicken/turkey out of the oven, and want to test the temp (just make sure it's set on farenheit and not celcius like i did once! doh!) i also have the regular huge cook with your meat type, but i really prefer the insta read.

Kaylen said...

how funny--I just threw away my second meat thermometer in a year. Why do they melt??? What is wrong with them??? It's not me!!!

And I love Dennis Quaid. He's on my list of celebrities I would like to travel with on a week-long vacation in a medium-sized RV.

And my allergy meds only take care of my eyes, but my nose drains all day.

Jenny said...

HA. I love the last paragraph.