Monday, February 16, 2009

Le Weekend

That image pretty much sums up my weekend. Lots of drinking and eating awesome(ly bad for you) food with a splash of nausea thrown in. I feel like a gal of 23!

Hope everyone who has the day off is enjoying it! 


Single Gal said...

I think we're going to give this weekend a WIN! Congrats (PS - Rock of Love Marathon is on today! Are you watching?)
Single Gal

Traci Anne said...

I'm about to get beer and Indian food. I think I will be in a similar place soon :)

Nicky said...

I'm jealous! I had a very dutiful weekend - attending appointments, getting my car fixed, doing homework etc. The only fun I had was PJ taking me out for brunch yesterday. )o:

Alisa said...

Ah Sarah, what would I do if I could not live vicariously through you?