Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lucca Me!

In a fit of New Years purging, I attacked my closet over the weekend to weed out the undesirables and make sure for the first of a few shopping trips I'm making in the next few months. I, like Ina Garten, am getting back to basics. I have a lot of "fun" pieces in my wardrobe but no perfectly tailored white shirt. No super flattering high quality black pants. No sexy secretary pencil skirt (well, I DO have one but it is more appropriate for evening events since 1) it's satin and 2) when I sit down the slit on the thigh takes me from sexy secretary to raunchy receptionist). And closet space is as precious in our apartment as parking spaces downtown. So time to weed out what I don't need to make room for what I do.

Taking up the most room in my closet? Not clothes. Not shoes. Freaking HANDBAGS. I own about 20 handbags, and about 10-12 clutches. It is an abomination since I really only use: my Coach Hampton Pebble Leather bag in the spring/summer and my Michael Kors Ranger bag in the fall/winter. And of course I use the clutches for going out at night. But do I need the gold metallic tote I bought on Ebay 2 years ago? No. Do I need the hot pink hobo I had to get from Nine West last year? No I do not. I don't need 90% of them. So they will be gone soon.

Taking their place though will be a bag I actually WILL use. I need is a different kind of bag. For a while now I have been interested in so called "Crossover" bags. You know, smaller bags with really long straps that you can just wear across your body and forget about? I have never had one. For one thing I am usually a "big bag" lady, which can be a big pain when out on a shopping binge. You're either constantly carrying the bag, which is a pain. Or if you put it in a carriage of some kind you're Constantly like "OMG is my bag okay. Is my wallet still in there. Is someone going to snatch it?". This is what comes of reading your town's crime blotter for fun, I swear.

In any case a crossover bag appeals to me, though it is small, because most of then can house a smaller wallet , your phone, your keys and a lip gloss. Its like a hands free clutch! The problem is that I could never seem to find a cute one. One that didn't look like my mom's passport holder

Hello lover!

And hello woven leather, delicious silver color (that makes it seem less utilitarian) and hello decent size that can actually hold MORE than most of my clutches. It comes in other fun colors like boysenberry and poppy and of course you're basic black and brown. I happen to love a "fun" colored accessory though since I wear basic colors like black and white and gray so often. It is seriously the exact bag I have been looking for forever. And will now allow me to get rid of all my other "baggage" so to speak.

I love it.

And at $98 it's not so expensive that I want to cry. Especially since Elliot Lucca is a fabulous brand and I know it would last a long time.

What about you guys? Seen anything like this elsewhere?


Suz said...

I call them "hands free bags" and they are amazing. I have the Coach swing pack and while it's far from my favorite bag, it is the best when I am not going to want to haul around a tote or deal with holding a clutch. Namely - big drinking days. Marathon Sunday, St. Patrick's Day and the upcoming MLK Eve party my friends are throwing (any excuse for a night of debauchery when everyone is off on Monday).

ECS said...

I have two that work really well- one that I bought at Mandarina Duck in Italy that has a completely convertible strap, from under-the-shoulder to across-the-back. It's unstructured red leather so it takes up very little space and goes with a lot of outfits (great for travel and tiny closets).

and then I got another one at some random fair-trade store that has 3 different strap lengths you can buckle on as you wish.

oh, and I'm delurking a day late- I used to live in Boston so I read your blog partly for the memories of how great it is to live in the area.

Sarah said...

Suz - how could I forget that a handsfree bag is also good for DRINKING. a free hand = a free hand to hold another cocktail.

ECS - thanks for delurking. Hi! And I love the idea of having an adjustable strap.

hope505 said...

I have a couple of them since I ride a motorscooter - I didn't want to have to have a backpack all the time because sometimes I don't have a whole backpack's worth of stuff I'm carrying. My fav all-purpose one is made by KIPLING, but kipling and keen make a lot of styles. Try going to amazon or zappos or endless and searching "cross body" or "messenger" style handbags...that silver one is cute!

Jewels said...

That is such a CUTE bag!!

I have a MEC bag here...but it's really a sporty cross over bag but it's still too big. You that you wear with a fleece and goose down vest.

Have fun with that little crossover!!!

stephanie said...

you should shop and not pay full price! elliot luca is a brand they have regularly, amongst a lot of others, and everything is at least 25% off reg retail, and usually more. i'm sure you can find something super cute, and save money :)

A Texas Gal said...

I have an adjustable strap one from coach that i got about 3 years ago and I love it. It doesn't get used SOOOO often but for trips etc, it is perfect!

ryssee said...

I love the crossover idea-I hate that my purses fall off my shoulder all the time when I shop, get lunch, walk into the building from the parking lot, etc. I agree with small, you don't feel it on you and your hands are free birds!
Have one similar to the Keen for travel (but it holds 2 small water bottles too) and a few littles like the woven one, but I LOVE that woven one in the picture.
Um...gotta go shop for a new one now.

Jenny said...

I have a really cute crossover from Coach. Check out their site - they have a ton of them.

Fabulously Broke said...

I like them.. but only if I am walking and travelling ALL DAY

If not, a big bag is the way to go, so I can throw my purchases in there

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