Monday, December 01, 2008

Um, it's December

Yeah how did that happen?

Not that I am not excited. I love me a holiday season. So much so that I leapt out of bed like a damn Nutcracker on Friday morning like "IT'S OFFICIALLY THE CHRISTMAS SEASON LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED" (party meaning = copious amount of decorating).

I dragged out the huge green bin of Christmas decor and set upon my apartment with a decorating fury.

All the fall/autumn themed decorations were packed away for next year, and Santas and ceramic Christmas trees and holiday votives and garland (oh the garland!) were unpacked, dusted and placed with care all over the place.

I may have gone a little nuts with the lights,

(and that's only one corner of the living room. I did reign it in though when Adam finally woke up and came into the room only to find me framing all our hanging artwork in white lights and cried out something along t he lines of "DEAR GOD WOMAN ENOUGH".)

But whatevs that's how I roll. There is also an unfair amount of glitter involved in our kitchen holiday decorations this year. Sorry Adam. It had to be done.

So Thanksgiving itself was a success. We headed to New Hampshire in the morning to spend the first half of the day with Adam's family which was a lot of fun. Then I snoozed in the car (turkey does it to me every time!) on the way down to my parents' dinner in the evening where we feasted on TWO turkeys (roasted (courtesy of my mom) and smoked (courtesy of my brother) and an obscene amount of pies. I think it was a smart decision to wear my pants that are one size too big.

Saturday brought with it my 10 year high school Reunion which was an absolute blast. Totally cute setting, lots of fun people and delicious drinks. I have to say the class of 1998 has aged very well. And I was happy because I achieved my two goals for the night:

1)Catch up with the people I don't get to talk to every day AND
2) Leave before I become a total wastoid.

Mission(s) accomplished! Let me tell you what a deadbeat I am though. So you see all these people you never see and you get caught all up and it's fabulous and then it's time to go and I'm like "If I have to go around and say goodbye to all these people I will never get out of here" so I told everyone I was headed to the afterparty, to avoid having to say goodbyes, and instead just went home. I also used this technique at my work holiday party last year. Ha!

Yesterday brought with it a righteous hangover (for both me and Adam who had partied hard at the Bruins game the night before) so we ordered Chinese food and spent the whole day watching the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I had already seen the first one and most of the second one and Adam had only seen part of the first one so it worked out. And it was good plan because 1) they are fantastic movies and 2) it takes up the whole day and you never have to change out of your PJs. Works for me.

And now here we are on Cyber Monday and I have a mountain of work to do. Lates!


Laura said...

as long as all the lights are white, you can use as many as you want!

Sarah said...

Right? to be honest there is ONE window in the office that gets decorated with colored bulbs but that's the tacky room anyway so I think it works out.

Nicky said...

Haha! PJ and I ordered Chinese food last night and watched Dexter...that is until PJ forced me back into my studio to work on finals (as he should have). Curses! I can't wait until this semester is done. Two more weeks. I'm suffering from massive burnout.
Oh, in other news, we're SO going to your X-mas bash. I don't know if PJ told you guys (even though I keep telling him to) so I wanted to say it again...just in case.

NJDecorator said...

I agree, how did it get to be December?

Jewels said...

i think you just gave away your secret for departing parties...

Kimba Rimba said...

Sounds like a grand weekend to me! I agree, there is no limit to the number of white lights that can be put up!

hope505 said...

What an enthusiastic picture of you "leaping"!! *heehee!* I love when you draw orphotoshop yourself. So cute.
* : )

Caity said...

I KNEW that's what you'd done! I should have skipped the afterparty because I definitely got a little, um, LOUD after my final drink of the night. It was actually really fun though!

Sarah said...

I bet it was fun! Had I not hit the gin hard early on, I would have been there and probably been just as loud :-P

Jenny said...

What a perfect-sounding weekend! I had my 10-year reunion Friday night and it was so much more fun than I expected! Glad you had a good holiday. Happy December!

The One and Only Kristy J said...

as much as i love the holidays with the eating and drinking and laughing....days where there is no changing out of the pjs are always the greatest days!