Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Blog Post Took Me ForFreakingEver To Write

Jenny posted yesterday about her Top Ten Essentials for the Holidays and you know I thought it was such a good idea I decided to steal it and do the same thing. Thanks girl!

1) Phyllo Dough. Sounds like a weird item to be in a top ten list BUT I stand by it. I always pick up a box when I go food shopping because there is so much you can do with it. Use it as the base for a tart. Throw together some canapes. Strudel it up. Literally tons of recipes. It's a great thing to have in the freezer for impromptu get togethers which have a way of happening often this time of year. And it's nice to be able to put something homemade out on a whim. I will share with you my favorite super easy go to appetizer.

4 sheets phyllo dough
2 tbsp olive oil + 2 tbsp dijon mustard mixed together

Keep a damp towel over the phyllo you are not using at the moment. Take your first sheet,put it on a cookie sheet and brush the oil and mustard mixture over it, then press the second sheet lightly onto it. Repeat until you have use all the phyllo (do not brush the mixture over the the top). Cut into 4 strips and then cut diagonally across to make small triangles. Place in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes/until crispy and browned on the edges.

See? Could not be more easy and my guests LOVE this. And by guests I mean Jenny and Danielle. Even ask them.

2)Kiehls Original Musk Oil. One of my favorite go-to scents. It comes in a teeny bottle but a little goes a long way. I have had mine since September and still have a good amount left. I don't really like overly "girly" perfumes which is why I love this. A rich, clean scent and a teeny drop is enough. I keep mine in my handbag and before going into a party or gathering I take a little dab and smooth it over my hair for a little sheen and scent.

3) MAC Iridescent Power. This powder has a million uses. A little shimmer on your face (not too much though, don't worry). A touch of sparkle on your shoulders. A dab on your eyelids for a neutral color that pops. This powder is a workhorse disguised in a cute little tub!

4)Revlon "Vixen". This has been my go to holiday season nail polish for years. Dark dark sexy and scary red. I keep a bottle at home, one at work and usually one in my bag for touch ups if needed but I am continually surprised at how long it lasts. Plus let's face it, Vixen is just fun to say.

5) Prosecco. Who needs champagne when you have prosecco? At around $11 a bottle, this sparkler is perfect for the holiday season and you should always have a few bottles of it in your fridge. It's a tasty and inexpensive contender in the sparkling wine scene and mixes beautifully. I picked up a few flavored syrups (cranberry and pomegranate) from TJ Maxx and love to serve the prosecco with a splash of one of those for a delicious (and PRETTY) treat.

6)Pashmina-style Scarf. This is a must for holiday party season. Wear it wrapped around your neck on your way too and from your holiday outings and then once inside, keep it with you when you check your coat as a shawl. I have about 10 of these and love the way they jazz up a monotone outfit. The brighter the better!

7)The Black Wrap Dress. Is there anything this dress can't do? If you don't have one, you probably need one. Suitable for an array of occasions from cocktail parties to a day at work. I have a few that I change up by pairing with colored tights, a cardigan, a fun scarf (like, oh a Pashmina). It's a closet fail safe. When in doubt of what to wear? You really can't go wrong with this.

8)Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip gloss. Gives you Angelina lips (according to Ulli!), tastes like cupcakes and costs about $7. What more do you need?

9) The Recipes at I have found so many great recipes to try out this holiday season at I find that they consistently have the most budget friendly but still sophisticated and EASY recipes which, for a gal planning a big holiday party this weekend, is a necessity. Lots of "20 minute meals" and "One pot dinners" too which in fab in this month of craziness. Quinoa and Avocado Salad anyone?

10) Williams- Sonoma Peppermint Bark. If loving peppermint bark is wrong I don't want to be right. O Lord. Williams-Sonoma has perfected the recipe and I could probably eat a tin in one sitting. Seriously the best peppermint bark I have ever had and I am something of an aficionado. These make festive and thoughtful hostess gifts so if you see them in the store, take one home (they sell out FAST) and make the next person whose party you attend glad they invited you. Or just keep it and eat it all yourself. Either way!


Randall said...

Great list and plenty of things I've never tried!

hope505 said...

"strudel it up!" is going to be my holiday motto this year. *hahaha!* GREAT LIST! I've never used that dough. I'm gonna experiment.

Rebecca Jill said...

I have a couple of "little black dresses" but not a black wrap dress. Do you happen to know of anywhere currently selling any at a non-expensive price? I'll probably check Old Navy.

Lys said...

I have to confess, I've been a bit intimidated by Phyllo dough. But what a list, Sarah! Some good stuff here.

Andrea said...

Longtime lurker...

CVS had a BOGO on Revlon this weekend, so I grabbed 2 nailpolishes and 2 of the lipglosses. And a bunch of other stuff, because I also had a $5 off $30 coupon.

For gloss, I got plumberry and a different very similar berry color. For polish, I got Steel Her Heart (nice grey color) and I think Raven. I love their polish, doesn't chip.

Here's a good hint, even on BOGO, you can use a coupon for each product. If you luck out and get two $2 coups, you end up getting two nailpolishes for about .75 - $1 total. Also those print out CVS coupons can be combined with regular coupons. I got a box of LOreal hair color for $5.

I had about $50 worth of merchandise for $17 and some change.

San said...

Uh, I love the Wrap Dress. Where do you find something like that?

The only ones I have seen in store are always - even in "x-small" - way too big :(

Anonymous said...

Love the Pashmina Scarfs too.
I got my first one as present from my friend currently living in Dubai. When we visited them in Mai last year I bought three others. By now I have 6. :-)

RED said...

Great composition! I too, LOVE vixen, and all the good super dark shades, yummy! Also with you on the peppermint bark, AMAZING! BEst ever! and obviously pashmina scarves, 110%! This was a great idea! I might have to compose my top 10 as well! Great fun!

Sarah said...

Rebecca in regards to budget friendly black wrap dresses: I got my two faves from Kohls and from Macy's and neither was over $50. Give them a whirl.