Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing Out The Year in Style

Sarah -style, that is!

Tonight our plans are still up in the air. There is a party we would very much like to attend but the weather is freaking us (well, me) out. Adam can drive in a blizzard with ease. A single snowflake on the road gives me a panic attack, even if I am not the one driving. Hopefully when we're ready to leave later on the roads will be a little better! I always think New Years is best celebrated at a party with good friends and good food and champagne....but if it ends up being just us and some champagne that of course will be fine too.


So the last day of the year would not be complete without a ridiculous kitchen mishap. No, I did not burn myself one last time to close out the year.  But I did burn SOMETHING.

I am in the midst of baking a gorgeous two layer red velvet cake to be frosted with cream cheese frosting and adorned with frosting stars. I was meticulous about checking the cakes as they baked and removed them when they were perfectly done. Firm but moist and nary a brown spot to be seen. Perfection. I placed them on top of the stove and went to get the frosting started.

Presently, an odor filled the air. The distinct odor of failure. BURNED CAKE. 


I jumped over to the stove to find that one of my cakes was smoking. I looked at it, cocking my head curiously. Well will you look at that? Why is it smoking? I checked it a minute or 2 ago and it wasn't burned at all.

Oh its smoking because I placed it, to cool, on a burner I accidentally turned on HIGH. 

Note to self - if something is smoking it's usually on fire. And also red velvet cake? Should not be COAL BLACK.


Yeah so I burned the shit out that layer and almost set my kitchen on fire. So a single layer gorgeous red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and frosting stars it is. At least at the party later I will have a good story to share along with my weirdly short cake, right?

So on that note a Happy and Safe New Years Eve to all! May your next year be even more wonderful than the last!

Burn free in '09, peace.


Jenny said...

Happy New Year Sarah! That cake sounds AMAZING.

Melly said...

That's *SO* something I would do.