Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boys Are Weird

I arrive home from work last night to find Adam in the living room watching hockey. No surprise there. I check on the pork ribs in the slow cooker and enter the living room to leaf through the mail.

Me: Who are they playing?
Adam: Tampa Bay
Me: Oh…
Me: Wait, didn’t you go to this game last night?
Adam: Yeah
Me: And you DVRd it anyway? And are watching it again?
Adam: I’m seeing things I missed! See that penalty shot that just happened? I WAS IN THE BATHROOM FOR THAT LAST NIGHT.
Me: Yeah but the game already happened. You were there. You know who wins.
Adam: So?


Ok now that I have made fun of him I have to give Adam , and his hockey team the Boston Outlaws a little e-love. They are a great group of guys and are playing kickass hockey this season. They also are in need of a corporate sponsor to help offset the cost of ice time, uniforms, first aid kits for the inevitable fights that break out in this sport (kidding!). If you are a local business owner, have an extra $500 lying around and would like to advertise on their jerseys and their pretty popular website - (which might I add, Adam maintains), shoot me an email. It makes a good gift for that tough to buy for loved one, right? Happy holidays honey, I bought you a local hockey team. Enjoy!


Jewels said...

ummm i'm a girl and if i had a PVR i might do the same thing although I know that behavior doesn't go with my shoe collection.

Lynette said...

LOL. Boys. That's my husband and football.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Aaron DVR's every Pats game, every Sunday, and re-watches the entire game throughout the week. Sometimes frame by frame, sometimes with the volume off, analyzing each play.

If he played or coached football right now I might sort of understand this, but he does not. In fact he has not done either for almost 15 years, since graduating college.

Rebecca Jill said...

I'm like a guy when it comes to sports, and I would have done the same thing. I still have a Bucs Monday Night Football game that I went to at home in Tampa against the Rams back in December 2000 on video tape and rewatch it from time to time. We win everytime. It's great!

I also get why men think wives nag. My roommate isn't into sports. Yet, she wants to bother me about domestic house stuff on Sundays while I'm watching football. Why would anyone do that? If and when a guy ever gets interested in me, I promise I won't nag, because I'll be watching right along with him.

Sarah said...

HAHA well I don't nag. I just say "Guess what? We're watching Kitchen Nightmares now".

Nicky said...

This type of stuff is why I leave PJ alone in the basement. Ugh.