Friday, November 07, 2008

Good Times

Holla Friday.

This whole week, I felt like each day was dragging. Every afternoon I would glance at the clock thinking "Time for my 4PM diet coke" and lo, it would only be 2PM (or, on a particularly molasses -like Tuesday, not even 1PM). But now that it is sweet, sweet Friday I look back and scoff "This week flew!".

In any case, this weekend Adam and I are absconding to Vermont for the weekend because Vermont is cute and we wanted a weekend away. We were actually planning on going a few weekends ago but were you aware that hotel rooms in Vermont are basically doubled in October because of leaf peepers? We can peep a leaf any day we want here in good old MA so we decided to wait a few weeks and save some money. Coincidentally it is also our 5 (five!) year anniversary tomorrow and while we will miss spending it at Rock Bottom, as we have every other anniversary, this should still be a good time!

Here is a hint as to what town we will be visiting

Adam has already mapped out our itinerary which includes a visit to a winery, a brewery, a cheese making farm and of course plenty of time for looking at covered bridges and if the weather holds up, a visit to the Quechee Gorge. If that does not a good mini vacation make I do not know what does. We are staying at a charming little hotel that I found online and, upon making my reservation was even more charmed by their honesty as to our room when I received the following email.

Thank you for your reservation. Please note: you have reserved a smaller room with a tiny bathroom"

Good to know in advance, oui? Just how tiny this bathroom is remains to be seen but I am not the type to sweat hotel rooms since I rarely spend any time in them but to sleep when on away from home. And hey, I have used a latrine before so this has to at least be better than that.

Enjoy the weekend!

(P.S. Go on You Tube and search for "Bon Qui Qui, Burger King". You will NOT be disappointed)


Steph said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you and Adam will had a great time!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have A Great Weekend!

Nicky said...

Happy Annivarsary! Enjoy your weekend.

I completely agree with you - I feel like this has been the longest week in recorded history. I was doing laundry, and found the outfit I wore on Monday and I couldn't even remember wearing it at all. That's how long ago Monday feels to me. Ugh!

Alisa said...

Love, love that town. Be sure to go to Simon Pearce in Quechee just gorgeous stuff for when I no longer have small children. Lunch is also lovely there with a view of the waterfall. Avoid Firestones which used to be good food but has gone bad judging by when we ate there last month.

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! :)