Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I should probably blog, oui?

Well what's new with me, you might be thinking? TONS! OMG SO MUCH. YOU WON'T EVEN BELIEVE IT.

Actually, not a whole lot truth be told. Work is a little insane but then again so am I so it works out.

My weekend was quite lovely not only because it was L-O-N-G (I took Monday off) but because it was filled with things like drunk Presidential Debate watching which leads to quotes of the night like "Calling yourself a maverick is like calling yourself a fag hag...its something OTHER people should call you not something you should call yourself". Brilliant, no?

And then Saturday since it was so shitty out I decided to do what any other person would do when it's shitty out, throw a mini Thanksgiving. So I spent much of the day preparing pies (Pecan and Pumpkin) and side dishes and roasting a turkey breast. It was actually a lot of fun. And I discovered my brother makes the best Cape Coddahs known to man which is a good thing to keep in the back of your mind.

Since I spent all day fussing with preparing the food, when the time to eat actually arrived at abandoned the perfectly set dining room table to set up in the kitchen with plastic plates and cutlery. Super classy! But you know what, when you are cooking all day and the dishwasher isn't working? Them's the breaks. At least they were red plastic plates. Quite festive really. And it turns out no one wanted to eat in the dining room because quote "there's no TV in there". I have to say, I don't disagree with this decision but I did crop the remote control out of this picture.

Sunday brought with it one of our favorite girl's birthdays and so in the early evening Adam and I headed into Harvard Square for dinner at The Border Cafe followed by trivia at Charlie's Kitchen both of which were lovely times, the pictures of which can be found here.

On the way back to Quincy, around 11PM, we happily realized neither of us was working the next day. What do you do on a Sunday night when you realize you don't have to work the next day? Why, you go to karaoke at a local dive bar of course. Now, after a night of margaritas followed by gin and tonics you might not be surprised to learn I am a BOATLOAD of fun. Which is why I demanded of the karaoke DJ (who luckily is a friend of ours) that he let me sing before "that skank in the corner!" in a not so quiet voice. In my defense, she WAS a skank. I understand when one has on what they consider a nice bra they may not want to conceal it, but civilized people do so anyway. They do not, as this young lady was doing, pull their black tank top down and tuck it UNDER their breasts to expose their entire leopard bra. But it was not nice to call her a skank, so, sorry skank girl! Carry on with your rendition of "I Touch Myself!". You go, girl. (Incidentally he did let me sing before her).

Monday brought with it a chronic bout of laziness. Thank god I had Grey's Anatomy to catch up on.

And so here we are - Wednesday but it feels like a Tuesday. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Bodhi wanted to say "o hai!"


cindy said...

Can I ask where the dress (on Flickr) is from? It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

Sure I ordered it from Newport News. It arrived yesterday and I LOVE it. It's very fun.

Me said...

Bodhi is the hotness. I adore him. SO CUTE!!! :) And yay for the dress!

Laura said...

What's a Cape Coddah?

Sarah said...

Ulli - I'm glad you love him. I do too!

Laura - Vodka + Cranberry Juice + a squeeze or two of Lime. Quite refreshing!

Jewels said...


What did you sing? Something about skanks and how they should pull their top up??? Hilarious. West Coast weekends are not that much fun!

Sarah said...

YAY I love a fellow karaoke lover!

I sang "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" by Journey and then the DJ and I sang a duet "Stop Dragging my Heart Around" by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. And Adam did my fave Bruce Springsteen song "Brilliant Disguise". good times!

Laurie said...

"Calling yourself a maverick is like calling yourself a fag's something OTHER people should call you not something you should all yourself"

That quote rules all!

Sarah said...

I wish I could remember more...we were on point last night. One of them kept pronouncing Taliban as "Tallyban" and so of course we had to sing "Come Mr Tallyban, Tally me bananas". HA! Drinking makes the debates infinitely more entertaining if you ask me.

Alisa said...

I want to dognap Bodhi.

cindy said...

Thanks! Love your blog.

Rebecca Jill said...

As someone who loves Thanksgiving, your mini-Thanksgiving sounds absolutely divine, esp. w/ the Cape Coddahs involved.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving as well. And I really believe the Pilgrims would have drank Cape Coddahs, had they access to vodka.