Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cooking 101

Every Wednesday since my parents have been gone, I go to their house every Wednesday night and make a big dinner for Adam, my brother (who lives there but works super long hours and doesn't usually get home until 9PM) and myself. I make enough so that there are leftovers for Peter to use since he doesn't cook much and pretty much lives on takeout.

Over the past month of Wednesday night meals, Peter has become interested in cooking and asked me to give him some basic pointers. So I showed him some simple things like how to cook boneless skinless chicken breasts and pork chops - and he is really getting into it! Concocting delicious marinades and spice rubs. Sometimes though, he still needs some help with the logistics. As evident in last night's phone call

Peter: Ok, I have two questions
Me: Ok....
Peter: This packet of chicken breasts says "Sell by September 15th". Is it still good?
Me: Was it in the freezer?
Peter: No
Me: Then no, throw it out.
Peter: Oh I thought it just meant it had to be sold by that date, but I still had a while to eat it.
Me: I wouldn't really mess around with sell by dates and raw meats. And in any case it's been a WEEK. So definitely chuck it.
Peter: Ok well that answers my second question.
Me: What was it?
Peter: I was going to ask if raw chicken is supposed to smell like rotten eggs.


Randall said...

Ew! I'm the worst with throwing things out - if it is past the date it is outta here. Nick on the other hand eats sour cream from the back of the fridge without blinking an eye.

Sarah said...

ha! I clean out our fridge about once a month and every time I am astounded what I find at "the back of the fridge". It's where unopened/barely used food goes to spoil!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he has you!! Scary.

Sarah said...

Well thank goodness THIS time. We know thanks to recent experience that I am not the expert on when chicken is still good


Honeydew Studio said...

All I have to say is - HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, thank God he called you.

Princess Extraordinaire said...


Rebecca said...

OMG, after your last chicken fiasco where you ended up sick == run to the barrel with it Adam. RUN... ;)