Friday, September 12, 2008

The Chicken Dance

Here is a general rule of thumb for you: if you make yourself a chicken dish for dinner and the chicken seems kind of weird? Its probably best just to throw it all away and not try to rationalize that it’s probably because you used old Italian Seasoning.

Wednesday night Adam left for a little vacation in New York, to visit his friend who is on leave from the Air Force. In celebration of his trip I made his favorite dish, chicken schnitzel, and served it with a lovely tomato, mozzarella and basil salad. The chicken tasted pretty good but just slightly…off. I had used an old-looking bottle of Italian Seasoning and considering I never use Italian Seasoning in this dish I assumed that’s what it was. We toasted to his mini-break and he hit the road shortly thereafter and I cleaned up and went to bed semi-early.

The next morning I awoke and felt kind of…off. My stomach vaguely hurt but I had been coughing all night (charming, I know) so I assumed it was from that. So I showered, got dressed and headed to work. About an hour or so after I got there the stomach pains got worse and some other lovely symptoms developed that I won’t even get into but suffice it to say I was not feeling my best. As the morning go on I felt worse and started shaking and sweating but, knowing that I had a meeting in the afternoon, I pressed on. It wasn’t until I vomited in the handicap bathroom that I decided, maybe I should really just head home. I managed to make it home without incident by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth and then was sick again immediately on my return , while my cold hearted dog barked at me to take him out. I sank into bed was like “THIS CANT BE A STOMACH FLU I STILL HAVE THIS STUPID COLD”. I spent the afternoon alternating between feeling like dying, and wanting to throw my laptop out of the window because of stupid iTunes and stupid Error #3259. I hate you Error #3259! You go straight to hell. Denying a sick person her daily dose of Desperate Housewives? It’s unconscionable.

Anywho by the early evening I felt much better and was even able to have dinner and some iced tea. And by 9 or so that night I felt right as rain. It was so odd. I had never been that sick so quickly and had it over so fast!

When Adam called to check in that night, I wasn’t going to tell him I am sick because I am no Debbie Downer. However after a few pleasantries he launched into the disgusting tale of his drive to New York. Pulling over to get sick repeatedly. Wishing for death in the bushes on the side of the highway. Sacre bleu! He told me he had been through almost a bottle of Pepito that day and was finally starting to feel better. When I shared with him my similar symptoms we immediately deduced we had been poisoned by the demon chicken.

So I will probably be ordering out over the next few days - at least until I have time to throuroughly bleach everything in the kitchen that may have even been in the general vicinity of our dinner that night.


Nicky said...

OMG! Food poisoning is the worst! Evil chicken. I hope you guys feel better.

danielle said...

sorry boo, i hope you're feeling better!
<3 danielle

Mandy said...

That sounds bad. What do you think went wrong with the chicken? Was it old?

Sarah said...

I found the chicken in the freezer but i have no idea how old it was. I unfortunately think if you put something in the freezer it can NEVER go bad.

Nicky said...

Um...that's how I think too. Frozen = timeless. (o:

Jenny said...

Oh no!! I'm glad you're both feeling better.

Rebecca said...

That is AWFUL. I've been a victim of food poisoning or at a minimum - "something not agreeing with me" more times than I can shake a stick at - and it sucks, for lack fo a better term.

I'm glad you're both feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

Shit! Frozen no longer = timeless! This is a fantanstic lesson that I'm sorry you had to teach! I am very thankful though, you have inspired me to go clean out my freezer right now! Glad you are feeling better.

PS. Die Error #3259!...... SO, SO wrong!