Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kitchen Query

While out at dinner last night the topic of conversation at one point turned to food shopping (a gripping dinner conversation topic, if you ask me!). Anyway we noticed that there are always some "kitchen staples" on our shopping lists. You know, certain things we always buy and always have on hand.

For me these Must Haves are brown rice, lemons, canned black beans, whole wheat pasta, and salsa. I always have these things on hand because I always seem to need them. Not to mention that pasta, or rice + beans + salsa are super quick and mostly healthy meals you can throw together in minutes. As for the lemon- that is the main star of quick and delicious meat marinades not to mention a fabulous salad dressing.

So I am dying to know what your Must Have Kitchen Staples are. What do you always buy when you go food shopping, to have on hand for a quick meal or always-needed ingredient? Why?

I think this will end up being a great list and maybe a chance for us all to try some new Kitchen Staples.


AmyD said...

Fresh ginger, minced garlic, and whole wheat couscous.

And now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot, Sarah... ;o)

San said...

Uh, that's interesting...

let's see: chicken breast, cream, zucchini, rice/pasta, is ALWAYS in my fridge. oh, and a bag of mixed baby greens.

Laura and John said...

fresh mozz
italian bread

always in my house

rooroo said...

shredded mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, pasta, feta, hummus, triscuits, sour cream, baby carrots, yogurt, double fiber bread.

Michelle said...

Pasta, garlic, green onions, lemons, limes, various seasonings and spices, chicken and beef broth.

Preppy Chemist said...

Tomatoes, vermicelli, chicken breast, and salad stuff. Oh and lemons or limes.

Stefanie said...

mac and cheese, tomatoes, orange juice, limes, bananas, gummy bears and cheeze its.
(hi, my name is stefanie and i eat like i'm still six.)

Anonymous said...

its ok stefanie .. i do too !

cheese (any kind available)
wheat thins
bananas (only if they are uber green)
soy crisps
ground turkey
mac & cheese (duh!)

Anonymous said...

let's see: chicken breast, cream, rice/pasta/ potatos, eggs, milk, fresh mozzarella, German bread, toast, balsamic vinegar, garlic, onions, variouse spices,cheese (any kind available).

Cindy said...

Mac and Cheese
Cheese hot dogs
Gummie Snacks
Microwave popcorn

I have children...really I do!

La Vida Cocina said...

This is making me a) hungry and b) want to go grocery shopping (form of entertainment for me, please reserve your laughter).

My staples: lemons & limes, cilantro, italian parsley, green onions, fresh veggies like corn & broccoli, garlic, onion or shallots, couscous or pre-made potatoes (sweet potatoes = healthy, yummy and great nutritional value), cheese, chicken/pork/beef, double fiber bread, milk/cream. Oh and Blue Bell ice cream. I so wish I could ship you some of its made-in-Texas deliciousness!

Elliott said...

Baby Spinach
Organic milk
Organic f/r eggs
Sharp cheddar
Frozen naan
Organic yogurt

Oh, and oreos, which I keep stashed behind all the other groceries in my deep, dark cupboards.

Sarah said...

Frozen Naan!! Where does one find such a delightful thing?

KC said...

For us, it's pasta, cheese (cheddar, blue and feta), eggs, chicken breast, chicken broth and garlic.

But tonight I won't use any of those because it's homemade prosciutto pizza night - yum!

Karen said...

Let's see...
Eggs (veggie fed, cage-free of course)
100 calorie multi-grain English muffins (delightfully tasty)
Cheddar Cheese
Barilla plus pasta
Boil-in-Bag rice (my secret shame - cannot make regular rice to save my life!)
Chicken (thighs, breasts, whole, whatever is on sale)
Peppers, carrots, celery, cucumbers, radishes
Frozen Shrimp
Some form of chocolate :o)

eileen said...

some sort of lettuce

Anonymous said...

Trader Joes Frozen Naan is AMAZING!!!

K said...

hmm.. I always make sure to have:
brown rice
whole wheat couscous
whole wheat pasta
spring mix/baby greens bag (quick salad to the rescue!)
a can of black beans and a can of garbanzo beans
whole wheat bread
Salsa Verde
Yellow onion
GARLIC!!!! mmmmm

random side note - Costco sells a pack of chicken breasts that are packaged in twos and threes so I usually always have one of those in my freezer cos if you take it out in the am before work, you can come home and the chicken + black beans + brown rice + Salsa verde + Avocados + Tortillas = K's quick style Fajitas! (definitely not as delicious as restaurant ones but still, good if you're hungry)

Cindy said...

canned tomatos
corn tortillas

Actually, my list of staples is ridiculously large, which is probably why I have two refrigerators and an upright freezer. I'll just stop now.

Britt said...

Oooh I like this!

Our staples:
Sliced wheat bread
Skim milk
chicken breast
ground turkey
cranberry juice/soda water
wheat pasta
shredded mozz

Randall said...

-Whole wheat rotini
-Half and half
-Romain lettuce
-Grape tomatoes
-Ken's Steakhouse Light Caesar dressing
-Peach Fresca
-shredded parm
-Instant brown rice
-skim milk
-Grape Nuts Trail Mix cereal

If I have that - I can eat all week!

Mandy said...


Anonymous said...

Coke zero, cheddar cheese, eggs, triscuits and low-fat philly. If there is nothing else in my house, there will always be triscuits and philly!!

C said...

garlic, chickpeas, spinach (Fresh and chopped frozen) and all kinds of dried pasta.

love, alanna said...

diet coke
wasa thin n lite crisps (20 cal. ea!)
granola bars (esp. Clif Mojo, Mrs. Trio's and Fiber One)
Lean Cuisines
frozen fish!

mmm i am cooking some asparagus right now, though!