Friday, August 22, 2008

"Aren't You Cold?": A Response

Ahh the age old question "Aren't you cold?". Meant to display some kind of concern that more often than not conceals a criticism of what you are wearing. It is really more of an accusation than a genuine question. And it irks the F out of me.

I am asked this question more than my fair share. My office is pretty cold and I do wear mostly short sleeved dresses and short sleeved tops and skirts during the summer which earns me at least bi-weekly "OMG AREN'T YOU COLD"s from usually the same people over and over. I even had to say to one person in particular "Let's make a new rule moving forward, when I AM cold I will come and tell you so you don't have to take time out of your day to ask me". She wasn't that into this new rule but it perked me right up.

Anyway I have developed some other responses which those of you out there who also have suffered from being asked this question can feel free to use. This is a faithful representation of the different versions of the "Are you cold' question that I been asked in recent months.

"Aren't you cold?"
"No (then pause and study their chest), But I can see that you are. Yowza"

"WOW just looking at you I am cold"
"Aw is that your way of asking for a hug? Maybe later."

"Wow you must be freezing"
"Really? I was just thinking you must be boiling hot under all those layers"

"I am so cold, I don't know how you can wear what you're wearing"
Well hon, I'm still young enough that my circulation works. Sorry about you though"

I tell you I have been dealing with this question my whole life. Even when I was younger my mom would often stop me on my way out at night with a "How can you go out like that, you will FREEZE". And I would always say to her "Well, Mom the thought of how good I look will keep me warm".

So in summation. Don't ever say to someone "Aren't you cold?", especially when what you really mean is "I am mad that I am wearing a sweater and pants and you are in a cute dress". If you must query after the state of someone's temperature you could say something like "Its cold in here today isn't it!?" or you may refer to your own state and say "I am freezing" which gives the other person leave to concur if they so wish.

Thank you.


Nicky said...

I am constantly freezing in my office. In the winter, the wind blows directly through the giant window next to my desk (really, I might as well leave it open, it's so drafty!). And in the summer, they seem to think that 28 degrees is a reasonable temperature to set the air conditioner to. So...if you can pull off short sleeves in your place of work, kudos to you! I will be huddling here in my giant fleece-lined sweatshirt trying to will my icy fingers to bend.

Michelle said...

I would get that question asked to me all the time because my reception area was inches from the front doors. No, not really cold because there's a heating vent right over me. Only cold when the deliveries came through and the doors were held open for a long time.

hope505 said...

Q: "Aren't you cold??"
A: "Only cold hearted." or "only my heart"

Q:"You must be freezing!"
A: "That's not what my boyfriend says!" ::big grin::

Q:"Are you cold?"
A: (feel your own forehead or arm as if checking the temp.)"Doesn't seem so."

What a weird thing to have to deal with! *haha!* Wait til it's january or February, then they say, "Aren't you cold??" you can say "It's f*%king January. Everyone is cold."

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I giggled reading this because I am ALWAYS cold so I am that women in all the layers STILL freezing her ass off I get asked "Aren't you hot?"

I just want to bust out one day lik e"Listen dumb ass last time I checked you are not my mother, and I am an adult..."

Sitcomgirl said...

I get that a lot too. My usual response (and totally true) is "I was frozen on ice for 13 hours as a 2 year old, so no, I'm just fine thanks" or "no, i'm very hot blooded"

Pomegranaterain said...

I get that a lot too. My usual response (and totally true) is "I was frozen on ice for 13 hours as a 2 year old, so no, I'm just fine thanks" or "no, i'm very hot blooded"

a wishful thinker said...

I agree.

Plus, the "How are you so skinny?" question. It's just as annoying.

Sarah said...

I totally agree. People say that like they THINK they are paying a compliment but really it's an accusation. HOW DARE YOU BE SKINNY! I mean would you say to someone "How are you so fat?". I think not.