Friday, August 01, 2008

The Haps

I am going to save you the trouble of asking me "Hey Sarah, What's the haps?" and go ahead and tell you what the haps are today. Via bullet points, of course!

* I caused a bit of a stir on Twitter with just a few words. Those words were "I bought Crocs".
The e-shouts of dismay could be heard (seen) for miles (from my desk) around.

The misunderstanding lay in the most people thought I bought these

When in reality I bought these

Cute, no? Especially for Crocs.

I needed a pair of comfortable go-to brown sandals since I already have comfortable go-to black sandals. So now I have one of each. And one is enough, I believe. One doesn't want TOO many comfortable shoes.

I ordered them from yesterday and they are slated to arrive TODAY. Is there anything better than getting packages at work? I think not. If I had the money I would buy myself something fun and send it to myself at work every week because packages at work (non work-related packages I mean) are the bomb, even if they are packages from yourself.

Moving on,
* I am a little obsessed with "Frushi" which I found out about via @steamykitchen on Twitter.

According to "Frushi is what happens when you replace the “fish, seaweed and wasabi” with “fruit, sugar and yogurt”. " I am dying to try it out. I think I may give Frushi a go next week.

* Are you reading McSweeney's Lists? You probably should be. They get new ones every week or so and they are HILARIOUS. For instance this latest one:

Jane Austen Tries Her Hand at Advertising.
- - - -
Mr. Clean? Of the Derbyshire Cleans?

An Army of One ... Dishonorable Man Who Is No Longer Invited to Our Private Balls.

The Best Part of Living in a Claustrophobic Society With Little to No Social Mobility Where Individuals Are Valued for Their Land and Yearly Income ... Is Folgers in Your Cup.

Maybe She's Born With It. Maybe She's Destined for Spinsterhood.

Dude, You're Getting a Carriage.

- - - -
So definitely add McSweeney's to Somecards, Toothpaste for Dinner, Married To The Sea and whatever else is on your list of "websites I look at rather than work"


Suz said...

Love McSweeney's lists -- also, "Open Letters" are really funny too.

The Chic Chauffeur said...

Well I had to come out of the woodwork on this one! I clicked from your blog over to msnbc, and lo and behold, there was a VERY interesting article about crocs. You'll get a kick out of it:

I had to click back over and tell you about it! Very funny. . . . . For starters, who knew there were web sites devoted to people who didn't like crocs. Far out!

Your sandals are adorable. Totally un-croc-like!

Miss Mar said...

frushi sounds AMAZING!!

Rebecca said...

Frushi sounds fantastic. ;)
Where to get???

I tried on a bunch of croc sandals this past week and just didn't love them. They weren't comfy enough for me. Those are very cute though!