Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes on a Rental

This week brought with it two firsts for me. The first time I ever had to drop a car off to get work done that would take more than a day to do and t he first time I ever had to rent a car. The two kind of go hand in hand, you see.

When I spoke to my insurance about getting my car fixed from my accident in June, they told me I could get a rental that was equal value to the car I currently drive (a Honda Civic Coupe). Figuring this would mean a similar small car I was QUITE surprised when my rental agent rolled up in a big ol' brand new Dodge Magnum and handed me the keys.

This pimp ride is comparable to my dinky Civic? Sacre Bleu!

It took me approximately 5 minutes to fall in love with this car , because it took me 5 minutes to get from t he rental place to the highway where to my delight I deduced that this baby was at least a V6 because unlike my Civic, I could easily get to 80 in what felt like seconds without having to turn off my AC and pray.

I know it is rude to speak ill of a loved one, especially when she is sick and in the hospital, but driving something with a little power really makes you feel POWERFUL.

However there are a few lessons I have learned.

Before you go shopping in a place that has a large parking lot like say, a mall. Be sure you know exactly what kind of car you have and maybe a distinguishing mark/part of the license plate. Lest you wander around the parking lot of the South Shore Plaza looking for your black Honda Civic before you remember you have a Silver Dodge for now, and then not even being able to find that. Although I did find a silver lining to that conundrum as a few different people followed me in their cars hoping I was headed to my car and would be able to provide them with a space. Little did they know I had no idea where I was going. Ha!

Secondly - if you rent a car that is bigger than the car you usually drive you may want to double check your parking. I carefully open my door to make sure I am within the white line. But then when I exit the car I realize the whole back of the car is hanging out into the aisle and there are like 3 feet in front of me to pull up. Awesome.

But when we're on the highway? I forget all about that.

My time with the Magnum, like all passionate flings, will come to an end. And I will go back to my Civic and she will be all pretty and new-like with an entirely new driver's side. But the seed has already been planted in my mind ( it didn't take much, right?) when the time is right, I am getting something with a little more "oomph".


Anonymous said...

We were given a bright yellow Ford Escape on a trip to Florida. I fell in love with the car immediately. It was so much more fun than my little 5 year old Subaru Legacy. It had power and speed and storage space. I was sold. I bought one the next fall.

Randall said...

I always feel like I'm cheating on my little Jetta when I rent a car... I think she knows I enjoyed my time with another!

Anonymous said...

even though i love our 300 euro "emma" i confess that every time i drive a (as in pretty much any) different car, it's hard to get back. but hey, at least we have something to work for and look forward to and once we get it, appreciate... :)

e$ said...

A couple times I've rented cars and been "upgraded" to an SUV... and as much as I don't want to admit that I love driving those gas-guzzling earthkillers, I really do love driving those gas-guzzling earthkillers.

It's something about the altitude, I think. Those seats are SO HIGH UP!!

Sarah said...

lady - I admit I think the escapes are pretty cute!!

randall - I definitely feel guilty. My poor car is in some dark garage with her door torn off...and I am tooling around town in something faster and cooler.

kim - as usual, you have a postive outlook on my car lust!

e$ - I effing love being up high. It gives an added physical precense to my queen of the road syndrome.

Miss Mar said...

I had the same exact experience when my little Civic was in the hospital. It was amazing to have a car with actual... horsepower!! lol

Sarah said...

I let Adam borrow it last night and his car isn't even sick and he now loves the rental more than his Corolla. It's converting everyone!

linda said...

I waited 26 years for a Mustang convertible--DON'T WAIT! It's a V8 5-speed and it's wonderful! The only down side is when the top is down I have to remember not to put lip gloss on or my hair sticks in it. Oh and the 16 miles per gallon.