Monday, July 07, 2008

Deep Thoughts: The Toilet Edition

My friend Nicky and I got into a deep discussion the other day.

The topic? Toilet paper.
Specifically Toilet paper commercials. How come they always feature either animals or babies but never adults? Think about it.

Charmin' = Those cartoon bears

Cottonelle = Golden Retriever puppies

Angel Soft = Babies

Can we as a species not come to terms with an adult person needing/using toilet paper? Must we be bombarded with "cute" images to somehow distract us from the ultimate use of the product being advertised.
Evidently so.
But you know a little blatancy, especially in the realm of bathroom product advertising, can be quite a nice change.
(click for video)


Becky said...

Hey for your cleanse thing. BE CAREFUL! Dooce tried it and it was a disaster and she got really sick.

Sarah said...

Haha a few people emailed me about that. I have read alot about it (including Dooce) though and I think as long as you are smart about it (making sure you get enough protein, don't starve yourself) it really is beneficial. thanks for the concern.

Nicky said...

LOL!!! I still think that a company should get brave and just have a picture of a grandpa giving the thumbs-up on their packaging. The only company to ever come close to admitting that adults need to wipe is Quilted Northern. Right now they have a running commercial with bunch of overly attractive fresh-looking ladies washing their hands in their home bathrooms. Like they're selling soap or lotion instead.

FYI - to this day the "Oops I crapped my pants bit" still is one of the funniest SNL faux commercials I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Um, am I the only one who was at first concerned about seeing a post with "toilet" in the title immediately following a post about a dietary cleanse?

Glad things are okay so far. ;-) I was going to e-mail you about dooce, too...but mostly because she had some good recipes that she used. I figured you had already researched it pretty thoroughly. And you're smart enough to STOP if you start to feel like death.

Caroline said...

I have to take the opposite opinion--I think toilet paper companies have become too blatant in their advertising. Recently Cottonelle had a subway campaign here in NYC featuring ads like "Too Much Bran?" or "We Shine where the Sun Don't". I don't want to be confronted with that on my morning commute. Or how about the StayFree commercial a while back with the woman standing in the feminine care aisle who asks random passersby if their pads ever get wet and sticky--gross!

Sarah said...

Hmm I have not been subject to those ads, luckily..but I DID just see an ad for "All Bran" starring John McEnroe and he definitely makes a joke about 'Letting it all out" or something. ick!

Alisa said...

I did the low sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol for the past 10 months while pregnant so I could probably handle that part. But I like gluten and I love me some animal products. Otherwise I'd actually be able to be a Buddhist.