Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Mission: Should I Choose to Accept It

Please bear in mind that I never said I wasn't completely ridiculous.

So, I had an appointment with my orthopedist yesterday - my first appointment since being fitted with the fracture boot I have been dragging around these past 3 weeks. Dr H (who bears an adorable resemblence to a not-as-mean-looking Dennis Hopper), looked over my new x-rays and gave me some good news. That this break, which is normally bothersome and takes a long time to heal and can get complicated, was healing beautifully.

With these words a flower of hope bloomed in my heart. Can I get rid of the boot? Can I? Can I? Can I?

" see no reason that you can't start working sneakers into your routine", he said.

I'm sure this is good news to some but me? For one thing I don't wear sneakers in day to day life. And (here is where me bring ridiculous comes in) I have no desire to be strutting around at work or at play wearing a cute sundress or a fun summer ensemble and SNEAKERS.

He was a little shocked to see my chagrin at the sneaker pronouncement...but all was not lost.

"Is there anyway I can work some kind of sandal into the rotation?, I asked. I mean even if I were being practical, you can't wear sneakers to the beach!

" can wear those...wait what are they called again?"

The flower of hope in my heart blossomed further as types of sandals I could possibly be wearing breezed through my head. Maybe my super sensible silver flip flops? Maybe my green patent leather flat sandals that I only got to wear ONCE before I broke my foot? Ooooh what about super cute Switchflops I bought last month?

"Ah yes", he concluded "TEVAS".

And the flower of hope in my heart shriveled and died.

Tevas? Nothing against them at all or the people who enjoy them but they are not me at all. I spent months at overnight camp throughout my young life traipsing around day in and day out wearing Tevas with socks and just as I will never again wear a Hypercolor t shirt, that is a particular style that I just cannot get back into.

Not. Into. It.

And you know for some reason my doctor did not find amusing that I would rather wear the boot and at least ONE cute shoe on my good foot then wear two ugly shoes on each feet. Neither did Adam. Or my mother.

(I really really was not lying about being ridiculous).

Anyway he acquiesed that it did not have to be Tevas per se but some kind of flat, firm soled sandal with arch support and a few straps that keep my foot secure.

So the hunt is on. Adam and I are absconding to Maine for the weekend and a cute flat, firm soled sandal with arch supports and straps is in order . And just so you don't think I am too much of a brat I did attempt to put on sneakers this morning before work and am still at this juncture not able to bend my foot in a way to get into a sneaker.

So quasi-Tevas it is! The mission is on.


Honeydew Studio said...

What about something like this?
They're not super sassy, but they are cuter than a pair of hightops. Plus, technically they're sneakers and they'll be easier for you to slip your foot into.

Jaime said...

delurking to say i am totally with you! sneakers are for exercise not for daily life! who wants to wear sneakers with a cute skirt or with dress pants? and tevas, while they are just fine if that's your style, are not YOUR style and would look equally as ridiculous in an office environment. i don't think you are a brat at all. if i were you, i'd stick with the boot too.

Anonymous said...

okay, i'd actually be fine with sneakers but tevas? NO WAY! 100% with you on that one.

also, for a flip-flop lover like me, i can't believe i haven't heard of switch-flops before (i don't think they've made it to germany yet). i just watched the video on the site and C was laughing because apparently i was nodding throughout the whole video kinda like "new style every day" - makes sense to me! ha. i want a pair! are they really that comfortable? like, 32$ for flip-flops comfortable?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sarah-

I just happened to stumble across your blog and this particular entry. Too damn funny! I am so with you on Tevas. They're butt- ugly on men. Perhaps slightly less repulsing on women. But not by much. (A delicious pedicure could help. But in general, my reaction is "Oooh" -- and not in a good way.) Good luck with the search.


Anonymous said...

First I'd like to say YAY JAIME!!

Also, I will stay on the lookout for something suitable. Definitely nothing wrong with wanting to combine cute with proper healing whenever possible.

Sarah said...

I am glad you guys don't think I am being too much of a brat. Thanks :-)

And HI JAIME!!!! long time no see!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oh my god, I would definitely keep the boot vs. wearing sneakers or TEVAS every day.

Check out Keen sandals. They are reasonable. I won't go as far as saying they are cute but they're not that bad, kind of teva-esque in terms of support and there's a lot to choose from.

Alisa said...

At least with the boot it is obvious you are recovering from an injury. With sneakers or Tevas every day, who knows what people would be thinking? I am not a vain person but I hear you loud and clear on the footwear.

Jennifer said...

delurking to say that I live in Maine and sometimes LL Bean has some cute footwear that might work for you. I like to go late in the evening or early in the morning when the store is quiet and peaceful and you have the sales people to yourself. (sometimes you'll even see someone famous). Good luck with the cute shoe hunt!

Britt said...

Hahahaha...loved this post - my husband has tried me to get Tevas and - shudder - Chacos for years and I've heartily disagreed,

now, though, I have tried on pink Chacos that are so comfortable and at least considered them (for the pinkness and comfort only!)

Good luck

The One and Only Kristy J said...

i'm with you on not wearing ugly shoes. and you're definitely NOT being a brat. (it's nice to know i'm not the only who flips out about having to wear ugly shoes.)
good luck with the shoe seartch and your foot healing.

Anonymous said...

They are bound to have something at the Kittery Trading post on Kittery Maine if you are going that way... Good luck on your quest for cute AND sensible sandals!

Sasky said...

After being on crutches for 4 weeks, when my doctor told me I could start to walk without crutches as long as I was wearing sneakers, I was all HALLELUJAH! So I've been sporting the sneakers-with-work-clothes for about a month now. It's pretty bleak. 2 serious ankle injuries in 2 years has driven vanity out the window. Wear some pretty shoes for me!

K said...

I'm with you, Tevas just conjure up visions of hippies with long hair, dirty socks and Tevas. yuck

Actually, if you need arch support and some straps, Birkenstock actually has some cute sandals if you get away from the hippie sandal. Like these. Or maybe saltwater sandals! (though i don't know about arch support...)

Sarah said...

Sasky I cannot even imagine! I was only on crutches for a week and then went right to walking with the boot. I am sure had I been on them for more then that then sneakers would have seemed like the Best Thing Ever!

Meg said...

I, of course, think you should look at Beans while you're up here this weekend. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that they have that would work, but it's worth looking. Erin's right about Keens - they're supportive but not quite as, um, outdoorsy as Tevas.