Monday, June 09, 2008

Broke Back At Work

Well I am back at work today. SWEET.

It's not actually that bad. After having a week off, I did have a mountain of work to plow through this morning but I have knocked enough of it down to take a little break and pop some more Ibuprofin.

My weekend was good despite the wretched heat (thank christ Adam installed the ACs - otherwise it becomes a SAUNA in my top floor, small windowed apartment). I am getting around splendidly now on my fracture boot, sans crutches! Sure I am slow and hobbley and it takes me four times as long to use stairs now but I am crutch free nonetheless and that is just the best thing ever. Crutches blow. Friday night Adam and I went out to dinner with a group of friends and then spent the late hours of the night karaoke-ing. Saturday we were at a cookout for most of the day/evening in New Hampshire, at Adam's brother's housewarming party. I of course rocked the fracture boot on my right foot and a heeled patent red sandal on my left foot to the amusement/chagrin of other party-goers. And despite my BEST efforts to avoid getting any kind of color I have achieved the dreaded BOOT TAN. I will tell you nothing bothers me more, not the pain, not the annoyingness of the boot, NOTHING more than the fact that in about 3 weeks when I am out of this boot my my legs will be tan save for my lower right leg and foot which will be pasty-white, somewhat atrophied and gross looking.

Ahh vanity, you are my favorite sin.

In any case since I am at work you must have guessed that I am driving by now. Basically my orthopedist gave me license to do so when I felt comfprtable as long as I absolutely do not drive with the boot on since that is illegal SO I take the boot off and don a flat, comfortable shoe on my right foot when driving and then before I get out of the car the boot goes back on. This is only my second day driving with the broken foot and it is pretty painful BUT entirely doable. However it does make going to the non drive-thru Dunks a much bigger pain in the ass than it needs to be.

Oh did you catch the Army Wives season premiere? I was shocked. And despite my resolve not to I definitely cried. I have to say finishing "The Lovely Bones" , starting Nineteen Minutes and capping off the night with that episode of AW in the same day makes for QUITE a blue mood. I think today calls for something a bit more uplifting.

Ahh here we go.


East Coast Teacher said...

LOL - I LOVE that card, Sarah. So funny (and true)!

Glad your foot is on the mend and that you're able to drive again.

Me said...

Happy to hear you are mobile again. I can see some cocktails in our near future? :) Do I hear martini glasses? :)

Anonymous said...

outch, driving with a broken foot does sound painful. but i'm sure you're glad to be out of the house again! cheers :)

hope505 said...

I have always liked the look of my skin when it's tan...USED to tan in the sun and yes, tanning beds too. Then I went a couple summers without a tan and I missed it.
THIS YEAR, for the first time ever, I tried self-tanning cream...I love it. It does have sort of a weird smell, but for effortless color you really can't beat it! Anyways...maybe some self-tanning cream/spray/lotion or some kind of bronzing formula will help you with your "boot tan"! I used Clarins brand.

Kim said...

You are one of the few people I know who shares my interest in someecards! I could have one of those on my blog every day! Hope you're getting used to that boot!