Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wicked Long Weekend Post

Well here we are, a dreary Tuesday after a long weekend and what is there to say other than Thank Christ this is a short week! Although to be honest I am not as bummed about being back at work as I thought I would be. I think this is because this weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and get into a better frame of mind as we swing into the summer season.

Friday morning I awoke early and greeted my day off with a writhing hangover. Adam and I had spent the previous evening with our new karaoke crew at the local bar and had rung in the new day belting out such hits as "Love Child" by the Supremes and "Old School" by Steely Dan. And this was accompanied by a wee too much cheap white wine so Friday morning was not as chipper as it could have been. I rallied though and made it to my Mist-On Tanning appointment and, bolstered by my new state of bronzeness, made an impromptu shopping trip to the Talbots Outlet where I stocked up on some more of my new favorite fashion item: clam diggahs. I know, I know - but hello I have long legs and I hate my thighs so I am All About It.

I even went food shopping and hit up TJ Maxx before returning home and succumbing to my bed for a Slurpee, some popcorn and Golden Girls (the best hangover cure, if you ask me). Adam and I amended our plans of leaving for NH Friday night due to his Finance final running late and so we had a low key night in anticipation of an early start the next day.

And an early start it was! Now normally we are the kind of couple who when we say "Let's leave by 9AM" we know we really mean "Let's leave by noon...if at all possible" so it was surprising that we woke at 8AM and were showered, packed and on the road by 9AM (!!) enjoying a weirdly (for Memorial Day Weekend) traffic free commute to New Hampshire. Once at his parents' house we unpacked, I set about making a huge pitcher of sangria and assembling about 50 tomato/basil/mozzarella skewers. We relaxed for a bit and headed over to our friend Danny and Lisa's house where we remained, cooking out and playing horsehoes and whatnot, until around 10PM. I know, I was astounded by my stamina too. Especially since my girl Kristen was there and let me tell you, though we have met several times, she never remembers my name or anything else about me other than the fact that I am usually willing to do shots with her. And do shots we did. Yeesh. Capping off a day of Sangria and Captain + Diet Cokes by doing Midori shots in honor of the Celtics (because come on it's GREEN) sounds like a good idea but after a few it really isn't. Believe me on this.

The next day we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and coffee on the deck overlooking the Suncook River and then headed out for the day. We spent a few hours a the Tilton Outlets (where I scored some shoes and accessories including a SUPER CUTE enamel bangle from the BR outlet for only $11). Then we headed to the Lakes region because I have lived in this area my whole life and never been to Lake Winepesaukee and apparently this was a travesty! So we hung out around the lake, people watching, popping into a few shops and taking in the gorgeous weather and later had a lovely lunch on the water. We headed back to the house in the early evening and I have to say I was WIPED. We had every intention of heading to another cookout but instead grilled some steaks and had a campfire in the backyard, complete with s'mores, drunk neighbors setting off fireworks, and a mad cow mooing repeatedly in the distance. Ahh the country.

Sunday we took the long way home. I am a big fan of getting off the highway and meandering down secondary roads especially when we are in no rush to get home. Adam is of the same mind so we took a few side roads home, mostly to stop by Richardson's and have the best ice cream of my LIFE. I highly recommend. We still made it home by early afternoon and spent a few hours cleaning the apartment and doing laundry and then just relaxed for the rest of the day. I am catching up on Big Love Season Two to refresh my memory for the NEW season starting next month (woo!).

So there it is - my weekend in a long winded, boring blog post. I hope everyone else had a fabulous time as well! Stay tuned for pictures when I get it together and upload them hopefully tonight. UPDATE: Pictures are up here. Not too many of them yet more than I usually take. Baby steps, people!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find out Big Love is starting its third season next month??? I have been Googling to no avail (other than rumors). I'm obsessed with this show and can't wait for the next season.

Alisa said...

Not boring! I am living vicariously through you. Especially the alcohol. Oh how I miss it.

Anonymous said...

I live in Quincy, and you mentioned the Fat Cat. How is the food, or is it a better place for drinks? It always looks packed so I imagine it must be good, but I was wondering what your opinion is on the food? We usually go into Boston for dinner, or eat at Tosca in Hingham (if you have not been I highly recommend it)So is it worth a try?

Sarah said...

Hi Kate
To be honest I usually go there only for drinks (the cocktails are GREAT!). I have had the occasional burger or salad there, both of which were pretty good. My friends who have ordered entrees (such as any of the pasta dishes esp. the lobster mac & cheese) have absolutely raved about them! It's worth checking out for sure.

Sarah said...

Anon re: Big Love - I have been doing some google stalking and determined one of two things. Several TV gossip sites say it's starting at the end of June/begining of July. I also read one report that said it has been pushed out to the end of the year but I am trying to be positive. I miss it!

Caity said...

I am so loving that there are three of us so far down my Links list who included Smores in their weekends. Perhaps a summer BlogSMOREfest??

Anonymous said...

I agree, not boring!

Also, re: your comment on my blog--I glanced at the headbands at Target, but I was in a rush and I'm super picky. But I have been meaning to find one or two I really like and try them out. I definitely think it would help.

Traci Anne said...

Um, that sounds like an awesome hangover cure. Duly noted!

alena said...

Big Love starts filming a new season next month. It won't air until the fall or the winter. *sob*

BUT...Weeds is all new in a couple of weeks!!