Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday is The New Friday

I was saying to Adam the other night that I can never get anything done the week before a long weekend. Instead of getting stressed and thinking GOD I HAVE TO GET THIS ALL DONE BEFORE THE LONG WEEKEND I instead find more and more things that can be put off because Come on man, it's almost time for the long weekend.

In other news, I am hyper.

Seriously I woke up hyper and continue to be hyper despite the fact that a see you enn tee in an Isuzu tried to ruin my commute by nearly killing me and despite the fact that vending machine is out of diet coke. And I have only had one medium iced coffee.

Still - HYPER.

I could have something to do with the fact that today is my Friday as I have alluded to one billion times over on Twitter? Yes in preparation for the long weekend I took tomorrow off so I may attend to some very serious business including but not limited to;

*A mist-on tanning session
* A manicure and pedicure
* Food shopping
* Christmas Tree Shop crap-buying

And then when Adam is done with his Finance final we shall away to New Hampshire until Monday evening, where we intend to spend some quality time grilling, lounging by the river, hitting up Antique Alley, going to a cookout or two (where I will be bringing these babies along with some low calorie Sangria that I have never made before and if it doesn't come out totally tasting like butt I will definitely share the recipe) visiting with assorted friends and just plain ol' relaxing. Adam has certainly earned it since he has had three finals to attend to along with the business of working full time. And I have earned it because hello, I just have.

Hope everyone enjoys their extra day off!


Libby said...

I had to read teh see you enn tee three times over before I understood. I am an idiot.

Have a great long weekend!

Sarah said...

haha i had the actual word written down and then i thought, why not make them work for it?

you enjoy the weekend too!

Meg said...

Can we expect the latest episode of "Adventures in Odd Meat" when you return from NH?

Nicky said...

I am insanely jealous of your Friday "business" plans. It sounds exactly like how I want to spend my b-day in September...

Perhaps followed by a lovely night out in Boston with our two favorite MA peeps...? We'll tawk! (o;

Sarah said...

Meg - I would go ahead and assume that YES you can assume that :-)

Nicky - SWEET I am / we are definitely in for some Boston birthday fun.

Lindsey said...

I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago while googling the ongoing "Hannford vs. Market Basket" debate (for which Google dredged up something you posted long ago), and I've read it a few times since. Anyway, funny you should mention Antique Alley since I live right around there. Small world, huh? Hope you have some good finds!