Monday, April 14, 2008

"Wrapped Up Like a Douche, Another Roller In The Night"*

One of the funniest things in life is when someone is singing along to the radio, loud and proud, and is super psyched about the song that is on. Then as they are belting out the lyrics you realize they are absolutely dead wrong. What they are singing is definitely not what the lyrics are and yet when confronted they are absolutely sure they are correct. Then a quick little looksie on the Internet proves they have, indeed, been living a lie.

Or singing a lie, as it were.

Of course I am allowed to talk about how funny this is because it happens to me all the time. I suffer from an inability to understand wtf someone is singing unless they are clearly enunciating which, let's face it, is not always the case. But me not understanding completely what the lyrics of a song are does not stop me from belting it out, loud and proud, in the car when it comes on.

Case in point. The Who's well known song "Who Are You". I love that song. I sing it all the time. Of course until recently I thought the title of the song was "New Orleans" and that is what they were singing.

Neeeeew Orleans. New! New! New! New!

Makes perfect sense, right? I had wondered why this didn't become some kind of anthem when Katrina happened but I see now that the reason it didn't is because I am a dolt and didn't even know what the main lyric and title of the song was.


And then my latest and greatest misheard lyric. Adam and I recently bought an Electric Light Orchestra CD because we love them and because we are cavepeople and still purchase and listen to CDs. You may be familiar with the ELO song"Evil Woman"? I also love that song. And I also sing it all the time.

Only, as I learned after singing along in the car with Adam, I thought it was "Medieval Woman" and sang it as such. I am sorry but it definitely sounds like what they are saying. And in any case I think a song about a MEDieval woman is way cooler than one about a just plain evil woman. I mean who would you rather know more about?

This woman

or this woman?

That's what I thought.
*Anyone want to guess what song the misheard lyrics in the title of this post are?


Britt said...

How many times I've been caught belting out the wrong words?! And how many times have my friends and I laughed over those lyrics!?

Krista said...

lol blinded by the light I felt like a douche in the middle of the night.

That is what I hear (and sing)

Nicky said...

That would be "Blinded by the Light" by The Boss! I know because I ALWAYS sing the above lyrics. Except I say "another runner in the night" at the end. Lol.

My favorite wrong-lyric incident was PJ's mistake, though. (He'll kill me for telling this story, but whatevs!)

Driving home listening to Zepplin one night, I hear him singing "trying to find a woman who's never never never been boned". (the words are "been BORN") I cried laughing! Even funnier than that was he got mad and insisted he was right. He was like, "You know, a virgin?" He was totally embarassed when I had to google it when we got home to show him.

Nicky said...

P.S. I know they're not the words, but whenever Santana's song "Oye Como Va" comes on, I sing "Come over, come over...Shaniqua!" Think of that next time you hear the song. Lol.

Zippy said...

That's okay. Chicago's "If She Would Have Been Faithful" was, to me, "If She Would Have Been Paid For" for about two weeks in 1987.

Zippy said...

BTW, the version that's so garbled it sounds like "wrapped up like a douche" is the Manfred Mann version that came after Springsteen.

But my wife had a great one from Springsteen's "Glory Days", where she was convinced that the line "Making love like a fool, boy" was actually "Making love with a pool boy."

Mandy said...

The best is when you're listening to a song you've heard hundreds of times over the years and suddenly you understand a lyric you've been getting wrong or just not getting at all. It always happens when you're not even really paying attention. Eureka!

Anonymous said...

The one that made me pee my pants laughing?? My boss thought the lyrics in Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee" were "beer-knitted cans in the pale moonlight" rather than "pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight." After I stopped laughing, I asked him WTF he thought beer-knitted cans were?

San said...

hahaha... that happens allllll the time. can't those singers just sing more clearly?? :)

eileen said...

I totally thought that song was Medieval Woman until my sister and her boyfriend busted me for it a couple of weeks ago!

When I used to waitress, we had this Brazillian cook who used to loudly sing along to the radio and freqently made lyrical errors. My favorite was when I heard him belting out "I'm freezing inside!" instead of the Cranberries' "Free to Decide."

snedapants said...

in my opinion, belting out the wrong words is better than singing the chorus, and then mumbling the rest slash semi humming and pretending you know them...

at least you're committed!

Jenni said...

I never knew that the song "ROCK in the USA" was spelling out the word ROCK. I always thought it was "Are you a CK in the USA".

It wasn't until I saw Nick & Jessica's USO special that I actually heard the words and realized my mistake!

Sad, I know.

Anonymous said...


Guilty! Toby Keith's "Should Have Been a Cowboy"

For a couple of years I thought he was sing "wearing my sex shoe..." Yeah, it's "wearing my SIX SHOOTER" which makes much more sense.

Sarah said...

ahaha i love this. it makes me feel so much better about my own wrong lyrics experiences!!

LA Blogger Gal said...

I think the only reason I actually know most of the words to Blinded by the Light is because it's written (and often performed) by Bruce Springsteen. My hubby is a HUGE fan, so he actually spoke the lyrics to me when I once complained that the song made absolutely NO SENSE. Mind you, it still makes no sense, but at least I know the lyrics. So don't worry, you're not alone.