Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Reccomendation: Drink This

If your travels on this gorgeous Saturday bring you into a liquor store (as knowing my friends, it probably will) be on the lookout for this fabulous beer

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Orval Trappist Ale.

Produced at a monastery in Belgium, I first heard about this from one of my favorite shows - Three Sheets. The host (Zane, aka my new favorite person) liked it so much AND he mentioned it is actually available in the US so I resolved to keep my eye out for it the next time I was in a particularly well stocked liquor store. My chance came last week at Old Colony Liquors in Quincy. While it's not cheap (about $5-7 a bottle), it is SO refreshing and tasty and unlike any bottled beer I can call to mind. I definitely recommend picking up a few bottles to enjoy the next time you want something a little different. Plus the bottle is cutely shaped. Always a bonus, right?

For locals: If you're in town I have it on good authority that they stock it at Beacon Hill Wine and Spirits!


Krista said...

omg, hahaha we just went to Charles Street Liquors and pucked up beer made by the Druids, Duvel and kriek boon(Belgium), and Foret (it had a unicorn on it).

Rebecca said...

Aha. And I sell it...
Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits.

*Shamless plug*


Sarah said...

WOO Krist I love me a Druid.

And Rebecca - thanks! I included your tip in the blog entry! :-)

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits is really the only place to go!

Anonymous said...

Truly a magnificent brew. I'm so in love with Trappist beers.


K said...

If you liked Orval and if you haven't already tried it, make sure to pick up some Duvel and give that a try too. It's pretty similar. You should also try out some of the various lambics if you haven't already. Not sure what you can get in MA but see if you can find something from Cantillon. I would recommend their Kriek and the Rose one. If you tend towards the more citrus-y/sour flavors, then I HIGHLY recommend trying the Cantillon Iris. It's my fav! (Says the girl who went to Belgium specifically to go to Cantillon...) :-)