Monday, March 31, 2008

I Saw The Sign

I am an inadvertant stupid-movie watcher.

Here's how it normally goes down. I am in the living room flipping through the channels when I reach over and pick up my laptop and commence doing online things. Meanwhile the TV is on some channel that I am not really watching and then I look up moments later and a movie is on and I figure, hey what the hell I'm only half watching anyway.

This is how I have come to watch all of the Final Destination movies, through little to know effort of my own.

I saw Final Destination 2 for the first time on Saturday while doing some work online. First of all, for those who have not been made privy to the awesomely bad faux horror film series that are the Final Destination Movies, let me bring you up to speed. They all have more or less the same plot.

Young Adult with good looking friends is about to do something (get on a plane, go on a road trip, etc). Right before they do this thing, Young Adult has a detailed preomonition of something going horribly awry and everyone dying horrible deaths. Young Adult makes a scene and gets out of line/off the plane etc and brings some other good looking people with them. Then the scene inevitably unfolds as Young Adult saw in his/her premonition. The good looking people who escaped death feel lucky until THEY all start to die in horrific freak accidents in the exact order they would have died had the Young Adult with the premonition not intervened.

Sounds gripping, right?

So a big deal is made in this movie of "signs". Supposedly if you are one of these doomed good looking people you see signs before your freak accident that tell you how you will go. So if you see a little kid playing with plastic cars and smashing them together, guess how you'll go? Yes, that's it! Car Accident!

In any case a movie being stupid never stopped a movie from scaring me so as I left my house Saturday evening to attend a party at Caity's, I was still a teeny bit freaked out in the back of my mind. Meanwhile it's kind of dark out. It's blustery. And then a witch's hat blows in front of me on my way to the car and stops right in front of my feet.

Thats's right. A witch's damn hat blows in front of me and stops right at my feet!


So it's no surprise I told Jenny on the way to the party "If someone at this party mentions they are Wiccan? I should probably hit the road".


Sitcomgirl said...

I saw the first installment.... creeepy, but I like that premise of not being able to cheat what is supposed to happen. Well, until it's my turn to die.
Where did a witch's hat come from this time of year?!!?

Sarah said...

I have no idea!! That is mostly what freaked me out.

Nicky said...

Stay away from Salem! LOL!

Jenny said...

It took me a couple of days, but I figured it out: you said this witch hat was in your doorway? And not an hour later Caity told us about how some drunk beast stole her keg?

The answer is: people do witchy things on doorsteps.

Am I right?