Friday, March 28, 2008

Je Suis "It"

I was tagged by the fabulous and artsy Nicky and let's face it, I don't have an actual post in me this morning so let's go with it.

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
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1) When I was in elementary school I had laser surgery on my face to remove two small spider angiomas. They are basically tiny burst blood vessels that look like red dots and are benign and no big deal. I remember that was the experience that showed me what being a douche felt like because in the waiting room waiting for the procedure were all these other young kids with huge birthmarks taking up half their face or ginourmous raised facial moles and I was like "Oh Hai, I'm here about these two tiny red dots!". Good times.

2)I feel a secret affinity for people who just order "regular coffee" at Dunks. None of this "1/2 hazlenut, 1/2 french vanilla splash of milk and 3 splendas". I mean it's your choice and it's fine. But us "medium regulars" have to stick together, if you ask me. Life is too short to spend a good portion of it voicing your coffee order.

3) I can't burp. It's not a choice, it's a physical impossibility. And the reason why I can only drink 1 or maybe 2 beers before I start feeling gross so I really stick to wine. And why I need TONS OF ICE in my soda. In lieu of ice I will sometimes just splash some water in my diet coke to make it less carbonated.

4) I can't watch gymnastics on TV. I get so nervous that they are going to fall that I just can't look. I admire them though because if I am this nervous watching them on TV how nervous must they be tumbling and hurling themselves through the air. Ye gads!

5)I played violin from when I was 5 years old until high school when I decided to switch to chorus. I don't regret doing that because I love to sing but even now so many years later I MISS the violin. And I have so many songs I used to play stored in my head still. I dabble with the idea of buying a used one just for fun.

6) I used to have my tongue and nose pierced, as well as my tragus, ear cartilage and about 4 other holes on each ear. When I worked at a mortgage company towards the end of college I took mostly everything out because it turns out people don't want to talk to a (however well dressed) gal with facial piercings about their $800,000.00 mortgage. Who knew?

7)Speaking of Nicky, who tagged me - In 4th grade I really wanted to change my name to Nicky (since my middle name is Nicole I though this made perfect sense). So in Girl Scouts, when we were sending Christmas cards to a local nursing home I signed all the cards "Nicky" and was informed by my troop to stop it because I was RUINING CHRISTMAS. Which made me think that Girl Scouts are kind of jerks. But I think they had a point.

Now who can I tag? Who would do this? How about if you are hurting for a blog topic - give it a go. Or if you're bored. And let me know if you do it!


Krista said...

Seriously #2!

"and splenda" is usually followed by "and a bagel/donut"

bitch, please.

*sips her medium regulah*

Amy said...

My friend Tracy can't burp either!! You are not alone! Are you annoyed as she is when people try to "teach" you??

Sitcomgirl said...

I did the same thing with the violin. And finally found a great teacher in JP who taught me more in an hour about sounding better than I had learned in all those years in school.
It got me excited about playing again. If you want, I'll give you her contact info.

Rebecca said...

hahahha, laughing so hard atyour comment of those high maintenance coffee drinkers. *Sheepishly blushing*

Jeesh, you almost called mine out specifically! You been behind me in line? ;) hahaha, Hazelnut/Coconut Skim Milk 4 Splenda. I'd love to say I was a regular kinda gal, but truth of the matter is, I just don't like coffee all that much. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't drink coffee, but my friend and I were having this conversation not long ago. Her dad hates going to Starbucks, cause he can't just get a coffee. I love the DD ads where the people make fun of the pretentious coffee shops.

When I was in fifth grade all my friends and I made up names that could be shortened to "boy" names (I was Dannielle = Dannie). We actually used those names all the time.

roxy said...

Is it weird that I am one of the high maintenance coffee drinkers and wish that I was a regular coffee drinker? I mean, I envy those people who don't have to worry about whether they'll have your kind of milk/sweetener/flavored coffee -- it must be so much easier to go through life as a coffee drinker. But, as much as I wish I was a regular coffee gal, every time I try it, I want to gag. And then wishfully think about how nice it would be to be able to drink just regular coffee. sigh.

Sarah said...

Roxy I know what you mean - I wish I could just drink black coffee but when I try it, it's gross. I wish, though!

Amy I am amazed that you know someone else who can't burp. This makes me psyched!

C'tina said...

I have-ta google tragus....

Anonymous said...

i know someone who can't burp either. when he drinks beer, he poors it back and forth in two different cups to get the bubbles out (make it flat). he actually, i think, can burp but isn't supposed to because something really bad can happen. i don't know, the story is vague. i'll try and find out the details.


eileen said...

I am with you in being Pro plain old coffee ordering.

And I used to have an eyebrow ring.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

You should definitely buy - or even rent! - a violin. You can rent one super cheap at any music store, so you could probably get your fill and try it out, and if you love it, then buy one!

Also - I am a SUPER SUPER SUPER high maintenance coffee order-er/drinker. I am certain that you're not surprised ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, ditto on the Dunkin's comments. I am a classic "Medium Regular" coffee gal!