Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Times

Over the past few days, pretty much every plan I had fell apart. And as someone who is ALL ABOUT having a plan, this can be extremely frustrating. Yet in this case things went beyond frustrating and well into amusing territory,and Thursday night pretty much kicked it off.

The plan was simple: Go to my parents' house after work, pose for my dad for an hour or so, then head over to Milton to pick Andy up, then we would go to Adam's hockey game which for once was before 9PM.

I arrived at my parents' house right on time only to be informed by my dad that he wasn't feeling well and didn't I get his message? Ok, word - so back in the car I went and headed over to Andy's house early to pick him up. Once there, he invited me in for a glass of wine and while we were enjoying that Adam called to say "Don't bother coming to the game, the ice was double booked so we aren't playing".

Fine. So we finish up our wine and hang out for a while, then decide to head over to one of our favorite haunts, Ashmont Grill. Once there however - we were dismayed to find they had randomly closed early. As we were about to leave our favorite bartender opened the door and waved us in for a nightcap so the night ended well all in all.

Friday - I had planned a French Night for some girlfriends and I. After work we were gong to get together at my place, eat some French food, enjoy some French wine and take in a viewing of "La Vie En Rose". However I awoke early Friday morning to find I was suddenly and deathly ill. I could not get out of bed without feeling like I was going to pass out, my ears were completely blocked (so much so that when Adam spoke to me he sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown), and all in all felt quite disgusting. So when by 4PM I still could not get out of bed I had to call the party off. And I HATE calling a party off. I was so po'd. My only consolation is that Tombstone was on HBO that night. That is a fine film.

Saturday we had big plans as well - drive to NH and hang out with his brother and sister in law (and see our niece) then have dinner with Adam's parents and then hit the hockey game in Manchester.

Well, we DID make it to NH but the weather was RIDICULOUS. I mean, it was sprinkling in MA when we left but it was torrentially downpouring in NH. And I was driving (for once) and lo! my drivers side windshield wiper basically crapped out once we crossed the border. LOVELY.

This is me driving in New Hampshire when it's not raining
"New Hampshire is so cute, I love it here. I'm glad you're from here so we get to hang out in NH a lot"

This is me driving in New Hampshire when it IS raining. Torrentially.

Adam is a lucky guy, as you can see.

Anyway, we made it to the town of Chichester to hit up our favorite Exotic Meat Emporium (alligator aficionados stay tuned for something fun later this week over on I Cook Good) and since it was early afternoon then went out to lunch in Concord. After lunch, his parents called to ask "When are we meeting up for lunch?". Uhhhhhh. Turns out they thought we were going out to lunch with them, not dinner, and so had been waiting for our call AND already had dinner plans. So we apologized, scrapped our plans with them and headed over to Adam's brother's place to visit with Kaylyn (who just got her ears pierced and is as cute as ever!) and had a great time with them but lingered a little too long because by the time we made it into Manchester around 7PM for the hockey game there was NO PARKING. I mean NONE. All the garages and lots were full. And of course there was no street parking. And as I mentioned before it was torrentially downpouring so parking miles away and walking was not really an option. So after thirty minutes of driving around hating life, we decided to give up and head back to MA. Not before stopping at Auto Zone though and then struggling to replace my wipers in the freezing rain for about twenty minutes before an employee took pity and did it for us.

Which brings us to Sunday - wanting to make up for the ridiculousness of the weekend so far, we went on a spree and bought a new media console, a new TV and a new floor lamp and I tell you, the living room is like a whole new world now. Adam has been wanting a new TV for a while and I have been reticent, but you know The Tudors is available in HD now and the new season starts March 30 and that is as good a reason as any, right?

So here it is Monday and things are definitely looking up.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

This weekend kind of bit at my house as well. At least it's sunny out today, right? And hey, where'd you get the console? I am in the market for one for the new house and am clueless.

Sarah said...

At Target, believe it or not! We needed something that had some storage but was still slim and not TOO tall and was a dark wood. This was impossible to find at C+B and Pier One so we ended up with this bad boy

Nicky said...

We were wondering what happened to you guys! PJ and Adam had made plans for all of us to meet up at JW Hill's after the game. I drove up around 10:00 to find PJ sitting in the bar alone! So we stared at each other over a couple drinks and then went home. Oh well. Sorry all your plans fell through. Hopefully next weekend will be better for you guys. (o;

Sarah said...

i know i feel awful! i hadn't realized that Adam had made plans with you guys until the next day when he was like "oh shit". We were so discombobulated on Saturday night - trying to navigate downtown Manch in the pouring rain with only one working windsheild wiper. No excuse I know! BUT we will make it up to you guys soon!! Hopefully this weekend? If you can come down when the boys go to the Bruins game!?

Nicky said...

It's all good. I know PJ talked to Adam yesterday. And I got a drink out of the deal. (o; I'd love to come down this weekend - but it really depends on how far I get with my massive quantity of homework. I'll keep you posted!

Sarah said...

yeah def. let me know - we can occupy ourselves (read: go shopping/out to lunch) while the boys amuse themselves at the Bruins game!

e$ said...

god christ, i hear you about the weather. WORLD OF SUCK.

Alisa said...

We passed the Healthy Buffalo on Sat and I was like "we have got to stop there sometime during grilling season." I hear you on the weather it bit. We drove to the coast and it got worse and worse. And hey you could have dropped that book at my house while you were in Concord. :)

Caity said...

That is certainly a ridiculous weekend! Hopefully this one will be better! :)

Andy said...

The tudors in HD?


Amber T. said...

I hate when well made plans go awry.

It sucks!

roxy said...

I hate when things don't work out the way I planned!
My hubby recently talked me into a new TV (our old one was mine from pre-college, so it was pretty ancient) -- but I wanted to tell you -- if you end up shopping/getting one, check out -- we found the one we liked for waaaayyy cheaper than it was priced in either best buy or circuit city store, and delivery/setup was free:) And now I am totally looking forward to the tudors in HD:)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip Roxy - After looking through the circulars we actually just bought one at Best Buy on Sunday!