Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wall Art

I really have to reign myself in when it comes to art in the apartment. Specifically wall art.

I look at a blank wall as a challenge. What can I put on there? How can it look better? I can't paint since I rent so the answer usually lies in some kind of painting/print. But when I came across this shop on Etsy, coincidentally named "Vinyl Wall Art" I realized there was much more to wall art than prints and paintings and photos.

Wall decals!

(pics from the Wall Art Etsy shop)

Of course wall decals are not "news", they have been around for a while now BUT I have never been able to find ones that fit my budget. As much as I love some good wall art, I can't abide paying $100 for essentially a huge sticker.

But with prices topping out at around $60 and many in the under $20 range, this store is chock full of beautiful, well made and affordable wall decals.

I picked up this light switch decoration for my kitchen last week.

It was super easy to apply and looks fabulous. A nice little extra touch.

So if you are in the market for some fabulous wall art - check out Holly and her super fun wall decals.


emily said...

I love decals. I don't have any but I love them. Her stuff is really cute too. I'm kinda reeeaaallly wanting one of those monkeys. But where would I put it? Anywhere, really. That's what is so great about monkeys.

Sarah said...

Monkeys make the world go round.

Next time you are bored - just google image "monkey". endless entertainment if you ask me.

Editorgirl said...

Love these! I did a story back when I worked at the newspaper about someone who decorated her whole house with them (of course it was overkill) but I still marveled at them :-)

Cindy said...

Very cute! I'm on my way to Etsy to check them out. What a dangerous place that is for the wallet. . . .