Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Back

So, that was weird.

I am on the road to recovery having spent the majority of the past two days sedentary with a heating pad on my lower back, taking perscription strength tylenol around the clock (which I know is for wusses but I hate the way I feel on actual for real painkillers) and I have to say muscle relaxers? Not for me. I mean they definitely helped me pain wise but the whole feeling wasted for 8-10 hours/ falling asleep mid conversation? Not so much. I value my lucidity.

Thanks for everyone to their well wishes and I made every effort to get up and move around when I could to avoid stiffening up so thanks for that advice!

I'm going back to work tomorrow with a back pillow and a heating pad and no, I am not ashamed.

This whole thing was just so weird. One moment I am looking for socks and the next moment I am immobilized on the floor. Who has heard of such a thing? I have lived a (thankfully!) pain free existance, have never broken a bone, never needed stitches (except for a falling of the bed while jumping on it incident that happened when I was 5). I think I can honestly say this was the worst pain of my life which is both annoying and fortunate since a lot of people have had much worse things to deal with than back spasms.

But still. Wah!!

And we have Celtics tix for tomorrow night and I fully intend on going, even if it means hitting up Brookstone for a travel back pillow. Hey, a (old) gal has to do what a gal has to do!


Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon!!

those pain killers are scary. C has them for his back but only takes one when he has major back-spasms and only if he has the following day off. he's not a small guy but those things take him out for 10 hours easily. scary sh*t...

Sarah said...

Yeah they are definitely nuts. I took one at 6AM yesterday and didnt take one after that because I knew I was going back to work today and seriously if I took one last night I would be zoinked out right now.

Suz said...

the same thing happened to me the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college, totally knocked me on my ass and from out of nowhere. every once and awhile it flares up again but its not something I struggle with daily. glad you're convalescing.

Caity said...

Muscle spasms are no joke... they hurt like crazy. I hope you're feeling better! :)

Nicky said...

Hope you're doing better! That sucks so bad. Back issues are the worst.
I had/have a pinched (or maybe just angry?)nerve in my upper back. I was ironing one day, and all of a sudden it felt like someone came up from be hind and stabbed me in the shoulder with a red-hot sword! I couldn't even move until it went away. And PJ had a muscle pull in his back in Sept. We (literally) feel your pain. Glad to hear you've been taking it easy.