Tuesday, January 08, 2008


If I had blogged this afternoon, I would have told you that the highlight of my day was buying a new wastebasket for the kitchen, since our old one was disgusting, puce colored (we bought it that way, why I don't know) and cylindrical , a shape that does not fit the space and which I have grown to hate. Our new one is "bisque" colored (a fancy word for "putty", methinks), rectangular and really pretty run of the mill but the simple fact that it doesn't stink, is not puce colored and is not cylindrical renders it AWESOME in my eyes and thus on this boring (but beautiful! Hello 65 degrees!) Tuesday, that was the highlight of my afternoon.

But since I am blogging in the evening we have a new highlight of the day. I know what you are thinking. What, pray tell, could be MORE of a highlight that buying a new wastebasket?

I'll tell you what. Scented trash bags!

I just found out about these tonight at CVS. My trash smells like lemons!!!!!

So, lemony trash = the highlight of my day. To some that might be sad, but to those people I say does your trash smell like lemons?

Didn't think so.

*I know by the title of this entry you were probably expecting some scathing commentary on the Spears family. Sors!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oh Sarah. These trash bags have been the highlight of my LIFE. Perhaps that is sad, but let's just say that poop diapers + lemon scented trash bags = a kitchen that doesn't smell like poop.

And that my friend is priceless.

Kerry said...

love the trash bags! and the post but I really need to know what color is puce? what would you relate that too??!

Sarah said...

it's sort of grayish pink. in our case it was a gray wastebasket that for some reason, in our kitchen, had a pink sheen. not too cute!

Jane said...

hmmm sounds like I MUST try these new trash bags!

Cindy said...

I throw lemons down my sink garbage disposal and grind them up to make my drain smell like lemons--very exciting as well. These bags sound excellent.

God--I think I just answered my husband question, "What do you blog about anyway?" Trash cans and drains.

Sarah said...

Haha Cindy whenever someone finds out I have a blog they ask "Oh what do you blog about" and I am like "uhhhhh You really need to read it to see". Trashbags are definitely a highlight though!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness yes! I have a tiny kitchen and hence a tiny trash can so I've been using the ruffies vanilla scented bags for ages. LOVE them.

Caitlin said...

I must say, I am torn on the subject of scented trash bags. I mean, mostly, I do love them. But sometimes the scent of the garbage is bad enough that it ends up just smelling like garbage AND vanilla. Yuckaaaa.

Oh, and Sarah, as for ripping into a fresh hot baguette at a stop usually can't even wait that long, and can be spotted in my car in the S&S parking lot munching merrily away. I don't care, it's worth it.

Britt said...

Hey, stuff like that highlights my day as well, in fact just really makes my day.

Usually, as you've blogged about before, trips to CVS are real excitement, esp. when they print out all of my coupons from my Extracare card!

Randall said...

Hmmm... I would be impressed by lemon-scented trash as well! Horray!