Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pink Shoe Cookbook

As you may recall from my "100 Things About Me" list, I am a fan of fondue. Melting delicious things and dipping other delcious things into it is just my kind of thing. Now I have since taken down my "100 Things" list because a few people (more than I had initially realized) had taken it upon themselves to copy it pretty much word for word and use it as their own. I realize that I am fabulous and to some my traits might be worth copying as one's own but to me this leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth and so from now on those who are so unoriginal they have to steal content from someone else's "About Me" section, will have to look elsewhere. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

But the facts remain: I am AM a fan of fondue.

So when my cousin told me last week that she had never had fondue (of any kind!) I invited her over for a Friday Night Fondue session. She brought the wine and a movie. I provided the sinfully decadent cheese, various bread and veggies, and dipping inplements.

To get in on my super easy fondue recipe from click on over to T
he Pink Shoe Cookbook. Lactose Intolerants Beware: the mere photos of so much gooey cheese might be too much for you. Pop a Lactaid before viewing.