Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Wrap Up

This is kind of a bogus week, right?

I will never get over my school-aged need to have this week off. Not that you have tyo be school aged. The company my dad consults at closes for the last 10 days of the year! That is what I am talking about.

But alas here I am at work. And I was here yesterday as well, and let's be positive and say at least traffic is a BREEZE. 25 minutes from Quincy to Newton at 7AM? Nothing wrong with that.

In any case Christmas was a whirlwind of awesomeness. We were pretty spoiled and I like to think we spoiled our love ones as well. Rather than give you a gift run down I will tell you one of my favorite gifts was actually the Joy of Cooking 75th anniversary cook book Adam gave me. I remember my mom having this when I was growing up and I would peep into it looking for a chocolate chip recipe and immediately become overwhelmed with souffle and creme brulee and intricate cake recipes. This book is no more less overwhelming now than it was then but I feel more up to the task now. I recieved three other cookbooks as well that I look forward to getting into so be prepared for a sassier more adventurous Pink Shoe Cookbook in the '08.

All in all it was just a nice couple of days to spend with family and good friends! Especially with my cousins on Christmas Eve night. I have 22 of them on my dads side and most made it out my aunt's party. I love that even though most of us only see each other a few times a year, when we get together I feel like a wooden square peg fitting in a perfectly sized square hole. Like I am right where I am supposed to be. Corny, but true!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


Randall said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. And I agree these three days at work are kind of random - I redid all my files yesterday! Hooray!

LooLoo said...

i hinted about 1000 times to my mother and matt for that gd cookbook! neither of them got it for me. boohooloo!

However I did get a sassy canon pixma printer <3 prints JUST as good as the lab!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

That is truly the best cookbook. Aaron picked up a copy for me a while back on one of his B & N runs. I find myself using it way more often than I thought I would. It's an awesome reference!

I personally am dying for a picture of baby K in faux leopard!

Lys said...

Seriously, noone should have to work this week - NOONE! (can you tell I'm frustrated at work..)

I'm with Ladybug - would love to see a pic of the baby in the fabulous fashion.

I'll be doing a gift roundup, but your truffles were a HIT around the office. One gal called it orgasmic *LOL*

RED said...

Glad to hear you had a great Christmas.
Being back at work SUCKS. Hello day dreaming?

Libby said...

Aw, SJP, who would have known that she would grow up to be so glam?

I have Joy of Cooking, it's a staple in any collection, for sure. This year my mom gave me her first edition of the "I Hate to Cook Book" If you ever see it you should pick it up, it's as funny as it is useful.

Happy New Year to you and Adam!