Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

The wrapping is done as of yesterday. Actually if we are being honest the shopping wasn't done until yesterday either. If we are bring REALLY honest one of the items I ordered for Adam isn't arriving until Christmas Eve but hey, better late than never right?

The weekend thus far has been exactly about what I mentioned above: tying up loose Christmas ends. We had a lot to wrap mostly because this is our first Christmas with a niece and is there any easier creature to shop for on earth than a baby girl? She has no taste of her own so we can foist our tastes upon her and have you seen little girl outfits? They cannot be passed up. Let's just say that Baby's First Faux Fur Leopard Coat may or may not be upon us.

And when I say "we" had a lot to wrap and I mean "I" had a lot to wrap because frankly I am the gift wrap dictator in this house. We (I) have themes every year and one Must Not Deviate From The Theme! This year it was Tiffany blue and silver which neccesitated silver and Tiffany blue gift wrap blue ribbon and bows and gift tags. I will tell you, Tiffany blue ribbon is quite hard to find. Especially if you wait until December 22 and casually hit up Michael's.

Oh and as for my Office Yankee Swap? I initially got a bottle of gin which I was a little mad about because I WANTED it and you know in Yankee Swap Land if you want something, it increases the odds that it will be taken from you. And so it was (by a coworker who has told me repeatedly that she hates gin, but that is neither here not there). The point is she traded me a pair of candle holders that she wasn't too psyched about but that I actually love

I love them because they are so mutable: I can leave them as is or fill them with glass stones and stick full size candles inside or fill with water and float a floating candle in there or put some greenery in the base. Really the possibilities are endless. Next year I plan on filling the bottom with small glass ball ornaments in red and silver!

One last Christmas miracle: my brother and I usually just exchange small gifts with like a $20 limit and while I was on the hunt for that I discovered that the small but awesome package store down the street now sells Mississippi Mud

This cheap but surprisingly tasty beer my brother loves but can never find. So a few jugs tied with silver ribbon will go to him this year.

This afternoon we will be heading to our good friend Andy's house for his family's open house (during which we will see his brother and sister in law/our friends Hillary and Dave in from L.A. who we have not seen since their summer nuptials!) and then off to New Hampshire for our annual tradition of spending Christmas Eve Eve with our good friends Nicky and PJ. Then back here for Christmas Eve to host my parents for our Christmas Eve gift exchange and then over to my Aunt Maureen's for the Stewart Family Rockin' Christmas Eve (newly dubbed since the addition of a KARAOKE MACHINE last year) and then Christmas Day brings us back up to New Hampshire to spend the day with Adam's family.

A whirlwind of Holiday revelry!

So I leave you with two things: First - the hope that you and yours all have a very Merry Christmas and Second - one last I Cook Good before the holidays: Cupcake Tin Pork Pies. These things are to die for. The perfect winter meal in a little flaky pie crust.

For Unto Us an Induvidual Pork Pie Is Born.


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful christmas, sarah! *hugs*

Ladybug's Picnic said...

OH! I must admit that Charlotte is wearing baby's first (okay maybe second) faux fur leopard coat over her jumper to mass tomorrow evening. She looks FABULOUS as I am sure baby K will as well! <3

eileen said...

Merry Christmas! Baby Jesus loves individual pork pies.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a Marry Christmas! Your Blog is wonderful! Love it!!

Me said...

Merry Christmas, Darling! :)