Monday, December 03, 2007


Attention people who are sick but come into work anyway:

You are not a "hard worker",
You are not dedicated.
You are a MENACE to your healthy coworkers and frankly pretty selfish.

I wish you could charge someone with assault for continually coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth. Or I at least I wish I could bill a certain someone for the airborne (wishful thinking, that stuff never works on me), cough syrup and tissues I am going through. Oh and if they wanted to give me one of their sick days that would be awesome too. Thanks!



tulipmom said...

You should post this (signed from Anonymous) somewhere at work.

Seriously, people who are sick as a dog should stick to one of 3 places: home, the doctor's office, or their local CVS. That's it.

I've become a bit of a germophobe lately as I'm allergic to all but 2antibiotics, neither of which is safe to take during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

that sucks! i hope you feel better soon! :)

Editorgirl said...

There is absolutely nothing worse than that super sick person who insists on coming into the office and contaminating the rest of us. And they don't care. Worst part - they actually chuckle when they pass it on and half my staff ends up out sick for a couple days. GRR!!

Libby said...

Oh I hate that! I have a little typhoid mary who sits next to me in one of my classes and she makes me crazy. I actually hold my breath every time she blows her nose-- and I run the risk of passing out because she sniffles through the whole damn class!

Sarah said...

edtorgirl - i know!! this particular person was actually like "oh haha you sound like i did last week" and i wanted to say "WEIRD considering you have been snotting and coughing all over my desk!"

Nicky said...

Try working at a preschool for developmentally delayed children. Hygene is not even in their vocabulary. I can't even begin to tell you the germ warfare horror stories I've witnessed. My first winter at the center, I got sick in December and pretty much stayed sick until the spring. The kids like to come into the office and give me hugs. This time of year, I'm ready to fend them off with a long stick. Ugh.

Frankly, Scarlett said...